Hacking Education with the AIO

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After a touch school year last year, I have strong feelings on education, mainly that you have to have a strong hand in directing your child’s path. There have been numerous articles in the past year on “hacking education” as well as incredible home school innovations. And while we are not ready to take on all or even most of the advice, we are rethinking how we learn.

And it’s only natural that we integrate the AIO into that.
Hacking Education AIO
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Those Smiles

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Right before I sat down to write this post, the girls and I had our usual post school mortem. You know, what games were play on the playground, who sat by who, what they want for snack tomorrow. It seems silly but I am treasuring these moments. I can already see some pre-teen sneaking into the girls. I want to stop the clock!

I mean look at these sweet smiles…
Terror Twins Smile
They look so old!!
And darn it, those smiles are going to need some braces.
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#BeautyIs Determination

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I confess that sometimes it’s easier fun to say yes than no. Desmonda Drama has been dissolving into a a crying, whiny mess every evening. And I am pretty sure it is due to her summer schedule. Summer school is open to every kid in our school district, so she has been attending that, then swimming at our swim club, and then on top of that attending adapted swim lessons every evening.

desmonda drama dove beautyis

So when she woke up this morning and said how about I stay home today and go to school tomorrow. I couldn’t help but say yes. Even though tomorrow is Saturday. well played, Desmonda Drama. Well played.
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A Gift for All Those Extra Teachers

When it comes to gifts for teachers, our go to teacher gift is a gift card. But for all those assistant teachers, counselors, art teachers, and so on, we try to put together a little something. These cups are perfect for Summer but can be customized for Winter too.

Cheap Teacher Gift Idea

Did I mention that they cost about $2 to make?
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Celebrations : My Little Pony Birthday Party

Friendship really is magic so to celebrate my twins’ seventh birthday, we invited a few friends over. Here is how I planned double the fun for way less than double the price!

My Little Pony Party How To

That cake!
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Wordless Wednesday : My Little Pony Party

Sneak peak at the Terror Twins’ My Little Pony birthday party. Details tomorrow!
My Little Pony Birthday Cupcakes
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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday : #365 Kids

The 365 Kids Project

You know the Project 52 that is all the rage in blogland? Where you take a portrait of your kids once a week every week? Come on now! Calling it portrait is pretentious (especially since most of the pics are taken with an iphone) and taking a picture of my kids once a week seems pretty slackerish. Perhaps there is more to it and maybe I am just not artsy enough to get it. But I decided to do something different this year and post an everyday picture of my kids to Instagram. Every day. I hashtagged it #365Kids.

And while I haven’t made it every day, I still love seeing the results. I will take these funny moments over hipster 52 portraits every time.

How to Build a Dino Terrarium

How to Make a Dinosaur Terrarium

While you can’t time travel back to the age of the dinosaurs, you can bring a little bit of the Jurassic era to your home. A terrarium filled with tropical plants is the perfect setting in which to keep a dinosaur. Your kiddo will love tackling this project from Katie Elzer Peters’s book Miniature Gardens.
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Wordless Wednesday : Spring Break

Yogurt Eaters at Monster Yogurt
It’s good to be the grandkids.
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Juice on the Go With Mott’s

A huge thank you to Mott’s for sending us their new fruit juice drinks to try and for sponsoring this post. Those mini bottle saves me from many a twin argument. It gets HOT when you are in a car for ten hours!

Juice on the Go With Motts Everyday

Though I loved our time in Texas last week with my family, it’s good to be back home in good old Columbia, MO. It’s funny how quickly I have adjusted to small city life. Everything here is so accessible and now that the girls are older, I am ready to access it all. I am really looking forward to getting them out on the Katy Trail on their bike. We’re so close to a trail access now that I am thinking we can even start heading downtown on it to some of the free concerts and festivals.

Of course that brings in a whole other level of prep: snacks and drinks that are easy to carry. As well as healthy enough to fuel the ride there and back, but tasty enough that my kids won’t be begging for concessions.
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