The Family Dinner Project

This post is a compensated editorial partnership with The Family Dinner Project. All storytelling and opinions are, of course, my own. As we go into the holidays one thing I want to remember to do among all the hustle and bustle is continue to sit down to dinner as a family. This year we are really working on creating our own holiday traditions as a family. But just as important are the small moments that happen, like sitting down together as a family for dinner. Before I became a mom I thought these dinners would be Norman Rockwellish. The children would help me cook. We would all sit down together and discuss our days as we savored our food. In reality, it's more like a combo of a fast food restaurant (the family is done with my home cooking in less time than most people spend ordering at McD) and amateur night (the girls are REALLY into knock knock jokes.) But I still know it's making a difference in our connection. Even if it's fifteen minutes a day, we are all … [Read more...]

Hurry Up Holidays

Normally I am a bit of a holiday purist. Thanksgiving gets its due before Christmas but this year we need a little Christmas right this very minute. Last year's holiday was rather disastrous and it kind of left a black cloud over the year. So out little family is very much looking forward to all the merry making. But much to the girls' dismay that did not mean they got to pull out the ornaments when we put up the haunted village. However, we did bring some holiday magic in with the scents Febreze sent for this sponsored post. The new Winter and Holiday collection includes Apple Tart, Sugared Cranberry, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Latte and Frosted Pine. I especially loved the baked scents: the candles and air fresheners keep the air sweet without any baking involved. And I put the car freshener in my car so that I can enjoy the pine smell of winter event though it's an unusually balmy 70 degrees here today. Head down to Walmart to buy and try the limited edition Febreze Home for … [Read more...]

Banish The Bugs!

The 3 most effective pest repellents you can grow and use at home They creep, crawl, scuttle and skedaddle their way into kiwi gardens across NZ causing untold damage and destruction to lovingly maintained gardens. Bugs - be they aphids, slugs, snails or mealy bugs - are the bane of many NZ gardeners. … [Read more...]

(Cold) Snap; It’s Fall

Thank you to Febreze for kicking off my Fall and sponsoring this post. The seasons changed this week, and with it came a cold. Which is a major bummer. Because usually with the advent of Fall I am in whole hog the second the first leaf falls to the ground. I get my Martha Stewart on, tossing leaves on tables and whipping up pumpkin bread. But so far I have spent most of my time sniffling and downing cups of cold care tea. Which is important because I need my sense of smell to enjoy the only Fall thing about my house the smell... … [Read more...]

Let Someone Else Do the Dishes

Thrilled to partner with Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser on this post. All overly gushing opinions are mine alone. I love this stuff!! Happy Monday! I know, I know, it's actually Wednesday. But with Fall comes seasonal allergies which shut down my body for a day or two. When I emerged from the allergy haze, I was disappointed to find that the two days had not magically erased the weekend house hangover. Tell me you know the kind, where you have a fabulous weekend full of impromptu dinners with friends and unexpected play dates. But then you wake up with a house that looks like this: The girls are still working on keeping their rooms clean and my husband, who is actually way cleaner than me, doesn't know where half the stuff goes. Thank goodness for mommy's little helpers... … [Read more...]

Bedroom Updates

It’s easy to create a decadent bedroom when you have plenty of money to splurge, but where’s the challenge, or the talent, in that? It’s far more impressive to achieve grand results with a diminutive bank balance, so don’t despair if you can’t afford that $1500 window treatment. Hard work, a keen eye for design and some thrifty accessories are often all you need to update your bedroom. After seven homes, I consider myself quite the sanctuary space update expert. … [Read more...]

Lazy Housewife Handbook : Summer Cleaning Tricks

Who wants to spend time inside cleaning when they could be out enjoying the summer fun? Not this lazy housewife! So here are ten of my best summer cleaning tricks. … [Read more...]

5 Natural Remedies for Stomach Cramps

For five star Friday, here are five natural remedies for stomach pain! … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Get Out Stubborn Summer Stains

Summertime and the living is easy, and so are the stains. From ice pops to grass stained knees, clothing just seems to attract stains during the summer. Shout set me up for summer with a package of stain fighters. And they want to give one of you one too. After all, just because stains happen, doesn't mean you should stop having fun. Shout will even help you find some with their new fun finder. And if you don't catch the stain in time for Shout, here are ten ways to get out stubborn stains! … [Read more...]

Celebrations : My Little Pony Birthday Party

Friendship really is magic so to celebrate my twins' seventh birthday, we invited a few friends over. Here is how I planned double the fun for way less than double the price! Food! Decorations! Games! That cake! Details below... … [Read more...]