Lazy Housewife Handbook : Summer Cleaning Tricks

Who wants to spend time inside cleaning when they could be out enjoying the summer fun? Not this lazy housewife! So here are ten of my best summer cleaning tricks. … [Read more...]

5 Natural Remedies for Stomach Cramps

For five star Friday, here are five natural remedies for stomach pain! … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Get Out Stubborn Summer Stains

Summertime and the living is easy, and so are the stains. From ice pops to grass stained knees, clothing just seems to attract stains during the summer. Shout set me up for summer with a package of stain fighters. And they want to give one of you one too. After all, just because stains happen, doesn't mean you should stop having fun. Shout will even help you find some with their new fun finder. And if you don't catch the stain in time for Shout, here are ten ways to get out stubborn stains! … [Read more...]

Want, Wear, Read, Need

Want: New Sheets Wear: Old Navy Summer Wardrobe Read: all of Tana French's books Need: yummy snacks (This new blogging series is inspired by this SimpleKids post. This post contains affiliate links.) … [Read more...]

Monday Giveaway : Healthy Home Makeover

In honor of Earth Day, I am happy to be one of the sponsored participants in Mighty Nest's Healthy Home Makeover. About MightyNest: Founded by two parents, MightyNest is an online store, resource center, and community dedicated to helping parents create healthy, safe homes. Their mission is to give families the ability to research, get advice, and buy natural, non-toxic products all in one place. From kitchenware to skin care, MightyNest‘s safety experts have built the web’s broadest selection of products that are free from known toxic ingredients such as BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Melamine, Formaldehyde, Parabens, and more. Their goal is to make people feel empowered to make changes in their lives, whether large or small. We try to lead a pretty "green" lifestyle here in the Guavalicious Household. But there is always room for improvement! I used the Mighty Nest Healthy Home Makeover board as a jumping point for my own Pinterest board. Some of the things I want to … [Read more...]

Earth Day Infographic Fun

Inspired? Check out the Field Guide to Green Homes. … [Read more...]

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

In honor of the Toyota Prius C that is going to arrive in my driveway today, here is a list of ten things you didn't know you could recycle! Dryer Lint: We collect ours and throw it straight into our compost pile. Don't have a compost pile? Grab a plastic trash can, punch some holes in the bottom, and voila... compost bin! We don't even use ours for anything fancy. We just throw it in our front beds. It's mainly so we can recycle leaves, kitchen scraps, and of course lint! Eyeglasses: It's tempting to throw those old frames in the trash when you upgrade, but resist the urge! Several groups recycle eyeglasses by distributing them to people in need. Ask your optomologist if she particpates in a program. If she doesn't, here is a place where you can mail them in. Yoga mats: Don't throw your mat in the trash once it is all asanaed out. Instead, send it to Recycle Your Mat. Here are 50 more ways to reuse it. Torn/Stained Clothing: I like to cut old tshirts up into cleaning rags, … [Read more...]

Testing Tide Coldwater With She Speaks

Confession: I am a secret hoarder. Out in my garage we have a gigantic stash of used plastics. You see, our city as great as it is, only recycles one and two plastics. So we save up our yogurt tubs and cheese lids and ferry them to Dallas when we visit family. Yep, we are a little bit crazy about recycling. We are one step away from joining the earth liberation army. Suffice to say, I am a wee bit into green living. So I jumped at the chance to test out Tide Coldwater. We almost always wash our clothes in cold water but I haven't used a detergent made specifically for cold water laundry. I love my natural detergents but I admit that they don't always tackle the stains that two five year old girls leave on their play clothes. And it totally came through. Even without any kind of pre-treatment. I am so looking forward to pulling that off of my laundry shelf and adding less plastic to our garage stash. Disclosure: I received a product sample and was compensated with a $50 … [Read more...]

Green Living : Pre-Shopping The Kia Optima

So I have been on a green kick this week on the blog with my Scotch-Brite Botanical Wipes giveaway and my Top Ten Green Cleaners. I think it's because I am in the middle of deep cleaning before my inlaws visit this week. These spurts always get me motivated to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Part of this mantra is our determination to keep our second car going as long as possible. It's more cost effective and we figure that there will be more "green" cars out on the market the longer we wait. But that doesn't keep a girl from day dreaming. So when I was asked to check out the new Kia Optima Hybrid, I jumped on the chance to do a little "window shopping." Before my current mom mobile, I drove a Hyundai Elantra so I personally know the value and quality that Kia offers. The 2011 Optima Hybrid delivers 40 MPG on the highway and has a starting MSRP of $26,5002. Awesome gas mileage and even more awesome price. Plus it comes standard with a 16-inch alloy wheel design, headlamp design, fog … [Read more...]

Top Ten Easy Green Cleaning Substitutes

After my Scotch-Brite giveaway post yesterday, I started thinking about other green cleaners I use when white vinegar won't do (or I am feeling lazy). Here are my top ten green home cleaners. They make it easy to go non-toxic. 1. Microfiber cloths: You probably already know about these but if not, get yourself a pack and never look back. They make dusting a snap and you don't have to worry about inhaling a spray. Plus they are completely safe for kids to use. 2. Steam Mop: This household is ridden with allergies so hard floors are a must. Instead of risking build up, we use a steam mop to clean and disinfect our floors. We have this one and we have only had one hiccup in two years (and Bissel sent us a new one!) Unlike the ones with disposable cloths, you can use the mop heads again and again. Just run them through the washing machine. 3. Skoy cloth: Love this wonder cloth. According to the company, One Skoy cloth saves 15 rolls of paper towels. We use them in the sink and … [Read more...]