Review and Giveaway : Your Three Favorites on Chili’s Triple Dipper

  This giveaway is now closed. J from Life on a Whim is the winner. Thank you to everyone who entered!   As part of the Shout Out To Eat Out promotion, Chili's asked bloggers what their favorite three part combo meal is and then sent them out to try Chili's perfect combo: The Triple Dipper. I took way too long to think about my own. What can I say? I love desert island scenarios where you have to pick your absolute favorite. After pondering, I ended up  going with the favorite from my childhood: steak, baked potato, and broccoli with cheese sauce. I guess I am a purist at heart. Today we went to Chili's to do a little pre-game snacking. Every one had a hand in choosing since we were able to pick our three favorites for our Triple Dipper appetizer. The girls went with the Big Mouth Bites, my husband picked the Southwestern Egg Rolls, and I chose my favorite: Wings Over Buffalo. I loved that they had pictures of everything so the girls were able to point to what … [Read more...]

Frozen Pizza Friday : Private Selection Thin Crust Extra Pepperoni Review

This is a last minute FPF post. I had one all planned out on a local frozen pizza we made on the grill over Memorial Day weekend. But then at the end of a long hot day of running errands with the girls, I saw a Manager's Special in Gerbes that lured me in. 4 for $10 thin crust pepperoni. I am a sucker for some pepperoni. And I am also a sucker for not cooking on Friday nights. So I snagged two.   To spice it up a little, my husband and I split a can of anchovies between the two pizzas, put them in the oven, and then went down to the basement where it's actually cool enough that you don't sweat while sitting still. The best thing about thin crust is that it cooks quickly. And it makes me feel like it's not as fattening. And in reality, it's not that bad. A third of a pizza is only 410 calories. Of course I ate two servings but who's counting.   For $5.00 total, this was some delicious pizza. Especially eaten off a cookie sheet on paper plates in the girls' … [Read more...]

Frozen Pizza Friday : Review of DiGiorno Pizza and Wyngz

So I decided to start a new series on my blog called Frozen Pizza Friday (or FPF as my husband keep calling it tonight.) Why? Because I needed a justification for my frozen pizza addiction. I usually avoid packaged food, eat local, and try to keep it healthy. Except when it comes to frozen pizza. This quick, cheap, fast dinner gets me every time. The kids will eat it, my husband loves pizza, and I am a sucker for pepperoni. So why not turn it into blog fodder? I'll be working my way through the frozen pizza aisle and plan to post a review on Fridays. First up? DiGiorno Pizza and Wygnz . Yes, Wygnz. When I first saw these combo packs in the store, I rolled my eye. I mean who needs cookie, breadsticks, or chicken "wings" with their pizza. But when I saw them on sale for $5.49, I couldn't resist. Plus a single frozen pizza is rarely enough to keep the four of us fed at one meal now that the girls have stopped eating like birds. I figured the extra food couldn't hurt. The … [Read more...]

Organizing Online : Meal Planning

Even though I love to write things down, since it's the best way to clear my head, it's just not working out for me anymore. I spend at least of my home free time online; it only makes sense to move move of my planning to an online space. Plus I can't lose the notes I write online. My husband, who hates the clutter my notes produce, is always sending me handy websites to help me out. On Monday he saw Food on the Table on Netted and sent me the link. Since it looked like a good way to get me out of my food rut and stop my random buys at the grocery store, I decided to to give it a whirl. PROS: able to log in with Facebook easy to use interface recipes I hadn't seen before grocery list shows measurements so I can check to see if I have enough before adding items can email grocery list from site so husband can do the shopping CONS: only has one store in my area (HyVee where I don't usually shop since Gerbes is up the street) does not give the option of searching … [Read more...]

Drinking the Low Calorie Way

So once the girls turned four I decided it was high time to get rid of the "baby weight" once and for all. I started running (okay I've been once but it was at six am so that counts for four times at least). I've been eating better. And I tried to employ my favorite weight losing tactic: stopping drinking. But did I mention the four year old twins. I could take out a prescription for Valium but instead I decided to lay off the craft beer for awhile and come up with some low calorie alternatives. First off is my first love red wine, it clocks in at around 150 calories for six ounces. And six ounces is a fair amount of wine. With summer impending, I also wanted something a little lighter. The skinny margarita is great in theory but I am way too lazy to squeeze limes and buy orange liquor. So instead I make my own version. I love to use Trader Joe's margarita mix since it's low calorie and not neon green. When lacking that I use lime juice mixed with cold water to preferred tart … [Read more...]

Nuts for Nutella

Nutella has always remained a mystery to me. In my head I had pegged it as some kind of European peanut butter. But I knew chocolate was also involved. Was it something similar to Vegemite? Surely not. So recently I was offered the chance to throw a Nutella Party though Mommy Parties I jumped on the offer. They sent me a box of samples and coffee tumblers to hand out to my guests along with a jar of Nutella. I resisted a whole day before opening the jar. I rationalized it was polite to test it out before serving it to my guests and spread some on toast. Instant love. Seriously, this stuff is heaven. And you can eat it for breakfast and serve it to your children? Pinch me now. I was only too happy to have a few friends over and induct them into my newly formed Nutella cult. We sat around drinking coffee (tea for me) and discussing how we could use it. My favorite suggestion was a roll up with bananas. It's so hard to find something new for the lunchbox and those would work … [Read more...]

Very Favorite Recipes : Italian Chili

There are some recipes that you make and they instantly become classics. One evening I saw a tweet about Italian chili, thought it sounded good, and threw together the following recipe. The rest is history. It's definitely not low fat or "clean eating" but it's so delicious that I have to chew gum while making it to keep from eating the whole pot! … [Read more...]