Give Mom a Drink : Cocktails and Mocktails for Mom

A truer onesie was never printed than the ones that say "Mommy Drinks Because I Cry." So here are a few drinks to make for mom this Sunday, or really any day. Most serve two so you can have one for yourself too! Click through for the recipes. … [Read more...]

Wednesday Drinks : Mother’s Day Cocktails

To me, sweets and sparkling make for a perfect combination. So why not combine them in a fabulous cocktail? These combinations made with Ciao Bella gelato will add a sparkle to your Mother"s Day brunch. Or skip the brunch all together and have your friends over for a relaxing afternoon on the deck. … [Read more...]

Wednesday Drinks : Sparkling Candied Apple

In honor of All Hallows Eve, here's a spooky Hallowen cocktail perfect for pre trick or treating. And it is so easy to make! … [Read more...]

Wednesday Drinks : Carnival Cruise’s The Scarlett Letter

You might wonder why this week's drink is sitting on a towel. Well instead of getting my mixologist self on this week, I decided to feature one of the amazing Carnival Cruise cocktails we were able to taste at Blissdom. They lured us in with our choice of cocktails and then wowed us with pictures of the ship. It was hard to go to sessions when we were all dreaming of lounging in the sun. Here's my favorite of the bunch: The Scarlett Letter. Which is featured in the ship's Library Bar of course. Please excuse me while I drink the one I just mixed up and dream of reading while looking out at the sea (the terror twins safely ensconced in the included supervised kids club. Sigh.) Want to make your own? Click on through! … [Read more...]

Wednesday Drinks : The GoGo-Rita

Blissdom was a lot of fun and I was happy to connect with a few brands that I hadn't before. One is a favorite of my kids, GoGoSqueez! Their suite was amazing (more on that in a few days) but what I really loved was their fun attitude. Which totally showed with their custom cocktail: The GoGo-Rita. Why should our kids keep the deliciousness all to themselves. So easy to make, so delicious to drink. Click on through to find out how! … [Read more...]

Wednesday Drinks : Smores Martini

Smores, oh how I love them. In fact I am still mourning the loss of Suddenly Smores. Of course, I can make trays of them but it's hard to stop with just one. Luckily, lifestyle and entertaining expert Mindy Kobrin was nice enough to come up with a Smore drink recipe for me. This tasty treat satisfies my taste buds and doesn't involve turning on the oven. Delicious looking eh? And it's easy to make!! … [Read more...]

Wednesday Drinks : Spiked Salted Caramel Cocoa

I'm not a red cup girl. But I do have a thing for their salted caramel hot chocolate. Unfortunately my wallet does not agree with my tastebuds. And there was one thing missing from their recipe. Alcohol. So while detangling the lights Saturday afternoon, I was determined to come up with my own version to keep up toasty (and a bit toasted.) I am always a bit biased but I think it's pretty darn delicious. Take a look below and see if you agree. Want to make one? It's simple. Promise! … [Read more...]

Wednesday Drinks : Smores in a Cup

    This weekend we are taking the girls camping for the first time. In honor of that trip, I decided to create a Smores theme cocktail. It's based on the Frangelico® Sweet Fantasy recipe. Enjoy! … [Read more...]