Thursday Indulgence : A New Bag for Fall (and a giveaway to boot!)

This Thursday's indulgence is a new bag for Fall. Though I would love to buy a whole new wardrobe, since Fall is my favorite season (see my Pinterest board here), I can't really afford to go hog wild. Instead I indulged myself with a $13 find at Target. Oh how I love Target. I think this is actually meant to be a beach bag but the leather straps and graphic print just screamed Fall to me. Plus it will be perfect for my upcoming trip to California. Do you buy a new bag for every season? Want to win a new one for Fall? Click on through my friend! … [Read more...]

Life List, Bucket List, To Do Before 40/Death List…

Today is the fifth day of the girls being in kindergarten and I am finally getting into a groove. I have been detoxing with a raw food diet, working on getting my new project up and going, and generally being a better homemaker/homeworker. You know what is missing? Some fun! Let's face it, the first years of parenting are mainly drudgery. And while as the girls get older, I have been getting a bit more cheerful (the Paxil helped too), I still miss the zany, spontaneous me. So while I usually frown upon "life lists", I do need some kind of list to keep me accountable to my goal of being more "me." So here is my "Bring Back the Fun Kate" List: Host a fondue party Do a family costume for Halloween one year Go to Paris for my 40th birthday Take the girls on an epic road trip from the Grand Canyon to Mount Rushmore Have a second honeymoon with my husband that involves nothing but laying around and being together Attend a drag bingo night Buy a scooter Take the … [Read more...]

Travel Tuesday : Traveling With Rosacea

In previous blog posts, I have talked about my struggle with Rosacea. It’s not all bad though; I was able to attend the BlogHer conference with my ticket sponsored by So something good came out of all the flushing! However, I was nervous about the trip and about our trip to Iceland. Some of the biggest triggers of rosacea are seasonal weather conditions, emotional stress, exercise, alcohol consumption and spicy foods. Let’s see, I usually am known to consume a drink or two at BlogHer parties and though the conference is awesome, it is amazingly stressful too. One moment I am happy and can’t get enough but the next I am exhausted and just want to be left alone. And then there’s the whole trip, going from humid New York to well, Iceland. Hello weather change! Add in hiking and all the lamb stew and remoulade laden hot dogs (seriously, Iceland is known for them, look it up) and well I was afraid I would look like a big tomato in all of those … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday : Where’s the 2003 Me?

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2009 My friend Becky tweeted this yesterday: "saw my reflection in the window and thought "who is that old lady staring at me?" . Amen sister! I don't know what I am doing in my sleep but every morning I look like I have been run over by a Mack truck. Wrinkles, crazy hair, and sagging skin greet me as I gaze into the mirror and wonder what the hell happened to me. Then what happened starts hollering from the other room to let me know that they are ready to get up and be served their breakfast. Motherhood has done a number on me. Fourteen months of broken sleep left a permanent wrinkle under one eye, the not so happy hour drinks and the desperate visits to McDonalds because the kids will play on the playground and leave me alone (they get yogurt parfaits but I end up eating fries) have added an extra twenty pounds. And the general screeching of two two year olds has caused a permanently tense body. But in my head I am still twenty seven when I slept … [Read more...]

Being Special (and Speaking About It at HealthMinder)

One week from today I will be in New York City speaking at the first ever BlogHer HealthMinder day. New this year, HealthMinder is the pre-conference to the BlogHer conference that aims to focus on the impact that our health has on our lives. Last year, there was a special needs mini-con during the first day of BlogHer. I went and listened and talked and cried and felt both amazingly close to people and amazingly distant from the special needs world. This year Healthminder Day includes a special needs track and I find myself in the position of speaking.  And much like my experience last year at the mini-con, I feel both honored and completely out of place. Part of it is that I am speaking with moving writers Ellen Siedman of Love that Max and Marisa from Sheeps Eating Me. They are both amazing advocates for special needs. And I feel that they are eloquently amplifying their message of special needs advocacy. While I am quietly whispering my message of what it's like to be a … [Read more...]

Look Mom, I Am a Real Professional!

So you may have noticed I have been almost completely offline most of this year. My life was a mess and something had to give. Turns out that something was personal blogging. The truth is, I can't do it all. At least I couldn't in my totally disorganized state. Since I had started working from home last spring (in addition to my work at home job as indentured servant) my house and life had continually spiraled towards disasterdom. And I so wasn't taking good care of myself, my autoimmune disease was in full flareup due to my snacking diet and the ten pounds I gained from it. So in January, I stopped all personal blogging, finished up my current contracts, and concentrated on getting my house and life organized. What a difference! Now that my house is in order and my schedule organised, I have a clear mind (and space!) to work in. No more working on contracts and projects at two am. No more uninspired review posts. No more constant sickness from being run down. After I got … [Read more...]

Going to Party Like It’s My Birthday

The title of this post is only true if partying means sitting in a hotel bed watching Friends reruns at 10:30pm. But honestly, it feels like the perfect end to a low key but great birthday. We're on day three of our pre-SXSWi vacation and we started the day off in San Antonio and ended it in Austin. I ate a spicy tuna bowl in bed for breakfast, did a quick thirty minute shopping spree at a gigantic Forever 21, had a private tasting at one of my favorite breweries, and then finished the evening off with dinner at Uchi. Yep, pretty awesome. What's not so awesome is that the years feel like they are speeding by. Though I am more content in my place in life than I have probably ever been, I still feel like there are so many things missing: dreams, goals, things I used to do, things I want to do. So I have decided to make a 40 by 40 list. In the next few years I hope to accomplish all forty things. Over the next month or so I will be composing my list here. Stay tuned! … [Read more...]

You CAN Go Home Again

The last two months have been full of goal setting, acheiving, striving, and lots of hard work. What better way to celebrate than with a pre-SXSW Interactive vacation? We flew into Austin early and then drove down to San Antonio, with a stop at the Salt Lick on the way. Incidentally, here is what I thought of Salt Lick: After filling up on BBQ, we drove down to Blanco to try and visit Real Ale, one of my favorite breweries, but they were closed. They usually only have tours on Friday but we're hoping to stop by for a brew on Tuesday, my birthday. My husband hopes they let us in because he doesn't want to see my disappointed face again. From Blanco, it was about an hour drive to our hotel in San Antonio. We lived in the Alamo city for five years and the drive in was full of us gawking at the changes. Former coworkers of my husband held a small party for us Saturday night where I nommed on amazing Vietmese spring rolls and spent hours chatting with my friend Claire, also known … [Read more...]

Winter is Coming

Last night I lay fully clothed (in my comfy clothes), covered by a blanket and down comforter, drinking spiked hot chocolate, eating chocolate covered potato chips, and muttering to myself "winter is coming."* This is not normal behavior for me. I am not sure what has got me so down this year. I woke up grumpy yesterday and begged my husband to take the girls to his parents for the new year weekend. Instead of utilizing focus moments and therapy techniques, I rolled my eyes and told the girls to get over it when they fought. Instead of leaving the tree up until New Year's Day like usual, I started pulling the tinsel off. Post Christmas Depression is the armchair diagnosis but that's not it. Christmas was pretty great. We hosted and though I was secretly in agony from a bad flare up, I muddled through by just forgetting everything else that I had to do (sorry local blog, sorry niece who never received last Christmas gift, sorry relatives and friends who usually receive cards from … [Read more...]

SOC Sundays : Raising Body Happy Girls

On Sundays I write for five minutes about whatever pops into my head and then hit publish. Please excuse any typos! So we went on a date this afternoon to see Martha Marcy May Marlene (or whatever the heck it's called) because nothing says romance like cult movies. One of the things that struck me was the real body of the lead actress Elizabeth Olsen. Sure she had a flat stomach, I mean she is like 22, but she also had an ass and thighs. In stark contrast to most Hollywood stars, she looked like a real person. It gave me hope. Especially after a week where I read Cinderella Ate My Daughter and My Teenage Werewolf both of which had the authors worrying about their daughters' body images. As a mother to two girls, who will be going through puberty at the same time with two very different body shapes, I already have a preoccupation with body image. My own doesn't concern me as much any more (besides that pesky five turned into twenty extra pounds.) Instead I worry about what the … [Read more...]