Seeking the Blessing

There is a certain Irish guilt in me that eschews any comfort. So tonight when among my closest friends it took me hours to break down. My soul did not ask for their blessing or benefication or any their forgiveness. what my former faith expects. Instead, I needed their benefication, their meeting of blessing and approval and support, their reassurance that I am not alone, Sp today, and through this season, I ask of you: -ask not what god your brother or sister worships =ask not what your brother or sister has Ask instead What can I do for others that gives me nothing in return. … [Read more...]

Thursday Indulgence : A New Bag for Fall (and a giveaway to boot!)

This Thursday's indulgence is a new bag for Fall. Though I would love to buy a whole new wardrobe, since Fall is my favorite season (see my Pinterest board here), I can't really afford to go hog wild. Instead I indulged myself with a $13 find at Target. Oh how I love Target. I think this is actually meant to be a beach bag but the leather straps and graphic print just screamed Fall to me. Plus it will be perfect for my upcoming trip to California. Do you buy a new bag for every season? Want to win a new one for Fall? Click on through my friend! … [Read more...]

Figuring Out What To Do When I Grow Up

Last year I heard about a conference called #140 and knew I had to go. Because I had fallen hard for the Twitter. So I hit up a Twitter friend to talk with me and dragged him and my husband to Hutchinson.  There I was struck by the number of stories I heard and the number of hugs I got instead of cards. I felt like I was talking to people just like me. However these people were living their dreams, taking a chance, and doing what they loved. And I wondered why I wasn't doing the same.   I came home determined to find a way to turn my hobby of social media into more than just a blog. And in many ways I did. I took my enthusiasm for connecting people and started Social Media Club Mid-Missouri. Instead of just adding my voice to the local blogging community, I created a space for collaborative blogging about Columbia Missouri. If you read this today you can head more about how I did this at 4:10CST on the #140conf Livestream.   So here I am at #140conf again and this … [Read more...]

Yoga Made Me Cry

Summer vacation had been the motivation I needed to get back to the gym. It's not swimsuit season that's driving me though. It's the health of my children after being home with me every day, all day, for three months. If we don't get some kind of break from each other there's going to be tears (from me) and blood (from them, ultimate cage fighting has nothing on those two).   But the gym offers me two hours of childcare a day.  And since they are wifi and couch free and the hot tub is full of old men who will talk you to death while staring at your chest, I pretty much have no choice but to work out. My plan for today was to hit the 8am Zumba class but my children's unheard of late waking time of 7:30 put the kibosh on that. So instead I decided to go to Hatha Yoga class.   Sure I hadn't been to the gym in three months but I used to kick ass at yoga. Well as much as someone can kick ass at something that involves rising of your heart rate. Before I got pregnant I … [Read more...]

My 75 Dollar Summer Wardrobe

Ever since I wrote my post about getting rid of the mom uniform for the Secret Style Suite contest from Mom's Fashion File, I've been feeling a little more schlubby than usual. There's something about realizing that I wear the same thing every day that made me a wee bit ashamed. Seriously, I used to be something of a fashion plate. Have I really descended so far into rutville that I need to call in fashionistas to rescue me. Looking at my closet this morning, my answer was yes. But the mom uniform doesn't work as well in the summer. And there was the ad from Target staring up at me while my kids screamed at me. So I shoved them my husband's way and set off for some clothes trying on and some mindless aisle browsing for good measure. I limited myself to the Merona stuff on sale. Because if I don't limit myself at Target I end up browsing the clearance aisle and buying clothes for lives I don't lead. Like this hot pink strapless dress which will hopefully make an appearance at … [Read more...]