Can Feminists Love Twilight?

Yesterday was national “Take The Day Off When You’re Well” day (I can’t make this stuff up, love it.) My husband might argue that every day is kind of a day off for me but who am I to ignore awesome holidays such as that. So while I couldn’t take the whole day off, and in fact had to work more than usual since it was my co-op day, I did fit in a quick trip to see Breaking Dawn in the afternoon.

I really wanted to see this movie with a girlfriend. But since all my “girlfriends” are strong, powerful women all of them loathe or just don’t get the Twilight phenomenon. Which I totally understand. Kristin Stewart gets a lot of shit for her “drippy” portrayal of Bella. But I think she plays the role perfectly. Because Bella is kind of drippy. From her own mouth she is totally ordinary in almost every way. The most interesting facet of her personality is her car, a vintage red truck.

Oh and the fact that an incredibly rich and good looking vampire is in to her. In fact he is so in to her that he is willing to give up everything for her. But of course in the end he doesn’t. Instead Bella gives up everything, including her life to be with him. Add in the abstinence and refusal to abort the fetus that is literally killing her and it’s pretty much a modernist horror story.

So why do women love it so much?

Do I even have to give you the answer? Come on, this is every high school girl’s fantasy. That even though no one else sees you as special that one guy sees how amazing you are. 90% of the women I know have felt invisible and have longed for someone, anyone to single them out and put them on a pedestal. And all the better if that someone can buy you Louboutins.

Yes, yes, yes I know that this is awful. But I was totally that girl. And in many ways still am. I am pretty ordinary looking, average height, average weight, average intelligence. There’s not something I stand out at (besides Twitter, yo.) I can’t deny that I would love for someone to pick me out of a crowd and give me a tiara (well a job would be better.)

And yeah I am a feminist. But I think even feminists deserve a fairy tale every now and then. Now would I ever let my high school be into Twilight. Hell to the no. But for me, as bad as the writing is and as bad as KStew’s facial expressions are, I will still be ponying up my $6.50 to see a matinee for part two.

(By the way, the first preview was for The Hunger Games which looks incredible and is a series I can’t wait for my girls to read.)


  1. I consider myself, and aside from the terrible writing and all of the religious undertones and the not-so-subtle messages Meyer weaves throughout her story, I absolutely love Twilight. (But you know that.) For me I’m a sucker for love conquers all stories. I’m also kind of hot for vampires. So it’s the perfect mix of fantasies that I buy into. Except the part about the baby. That was just ridonk.

  2. mamawelters says:

    I would have totally gone with you to see it. I actually can’t believe that I still haven’t seen it. I guess I’ll have to wait for RedBox and a night Andy is out of the house. 😉

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