Bringing the Hotel Home

Happy to have partnered with Frette, my dream sheets, on this post!


So today I fly out for the Type A Conference. My husband keeps wandering around going have fun “working”, finger air quotes and all. The word vacation has also been thrown around a lot. And I have to admit that even though this is work, it is also a vacation. Because hello, hotel bed.

Every time I sleep in a Westin Heavenly Bed, I want to take it all home. Which actually you can. Unfortunately that is a little out of my reach. But I can recreate my own dream bed at home with a little investment. And I get to pick exactly what I want.

Eleven years ago, when my husband was feeling especially guilty about moving me across the country, I talked him into investing in a set of Frette sheets. We still have them. I have to admit that they have a few have a few holes and tears but overall they are still in amazing shape and are by far the most comfortable sheets I have.

Right now I have myself on the sheet installment plan: top sheet one month, bottom sheet one month, pillowcases next, etc. as we work to replace them. Why? Because to me a happy home and a happy me starts with good sheets.

Consider this, you spend a LOT of time in bed. Sleep is the cure for almost anything. So isn’t your bed a worthy investment? A new top of the line mattress is going to set you back thousands; but for top of the line linens hour investment is in the hundreds. Get some quality white sheets and you can have fun with everything else.

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