Bringing Memories to Life with YesVideo

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. Opinions are my own and not those of any one else.


Sometimes, it’s hard to remember the day pictured above. Even at the best of times your wedding is a blur. Add in the craziest possible pre-wedding week ever (highlights included getting roofied at my bacehlorette party, a car wreck, and a suspected appendicitis scare the day before I was to fly home), and I am kind of amazed I was even upright for mine. That’s where the wedding video comes in. Except ours were languishing on actual video. We just missed the cut off for everything being on DVD.

That’s where YesVideo comes in…

Through their service you can box up all your videos and like magic movies appear. If boxing them up seems to be too taxing, you can even order a kit that you get to plop your videos into and drop off to be shipped. They even send you the packing tape.

And the magic doesn’t end there. With their new embed feature you can share parts of your story on your website or let’s say a blog. Why yes, I am going to make you watch some of my video right now!

And I can obsess all over again about all of the details that made the day special. I mean, this cake table, totally worth the hours I spent thinking about it. And share my brilliance with all of you. Which is important because Pinterest DID NOT EXIST and I couldn’t brag about it.

Nice right?

The cool embed feature is just the beginning though. On the site you can create snippets from your videos and share them via a link, on Facebook, or in an email. Family and friends, you have been warned. The humliation, I mean loving shares, are about to begin.

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