Among the Narcissists and Writers : BlogHer14 Recap

This BlogHer14 recap is sponsored by Mrs. Band and my own personal BlogHer sponsor second year running, Jen Lee Reeves.

So another BlogHer conference happened. And even though I said last year was my last one, I was there. Bloggers are an odd species. They are a combination of big loud flamboyant people and sensitive quiet introverts… to stereotype, narcissists and writers. Both have their awesome and not so awesome qualities and I love them both. But I don’t think I embody enough qualities of either to feel secure at BlogHer.


Being in a large crowd of both is an experience that will shake you up, in good ways and bad. This year the experience of being around so many creative people, combined with an underlying theme of self acceptance left me pondering what blogging really means to me.

While I still wish for the confidence of the women I know who embody the best of being out there and promoting yourself and the insights of the writers who move people with their words, I walked away from BlogHer this year feeling like it is time to accept myself for who I am and where I am in life outside of the concept of a career. Self love and acceptance is the gift I can give myself regardless of my place in life.

Many, many people walked away with the same thought this year after the lunchtime performance by The Mrs. Their new song “I’m Enough” and their magic mirror experience left even my cynical friends a little shaken up, in a good way.

The Mrs. will be releasing their debut EP this fall. Although the music resembles today’s pop hits, the lyrics tell a different story. As women in their late thirties/early forties, songs about teenage heartbreak and wild nights clubbing weren’t things they could relate to so they decided to write about their own lives. As in the challenges of juggling a career, marriage, motherhood and friendships, while still trying to maintain their own identity.

The Mrs. is comprised of drummer Andra Liemandt, lead vocalists/guitarists Mandy Prater and Jennifer Zavaleta, vocalist/keyboardist Larissa Ness, and bassist Jenny Mason. And this is a taste of what we saw at BlogHer.

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