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BlogHer Roomate Tips

Here’s the second to last post in my series on prepping for the BlogHer conference happening next (!!!) week. Check out my previous top ten posts on packing, fashion, and networking for even more tips. This week we’re tackling roommate etiquette. Because you’re going to be packing into a small space with these women for three to four days. Follow these ten tips and keep things running smoothly. Please share any tips I missed in the comments!


Top Ten Tips For Not Killing Your Roommates


1. Respect the Common Space: With luggage, expo swag, papers, and two clothes changes a day it’s easy to clutter up the room. So be conscious of your stuff. Some people set up corners of the room where people can leave their stuff. I am a fan of giving everyone a drawer so they can throw things in there and sort later.

2. Pack Hangers: It sounds like a waste of precious luggage space but think about how few hangers are in a hotel closet and how many of you will need to hang things up. To make unpacking a snap, consider packing your clothes on your hangers. Then all you have to do is pull them out and hang them up. And you will have an outfit ready to go each morning

3. Ask First: Don’t assume anything. Want to use the toilet while your roommate is in the shower? Knock and ask first. Need to jump on their laptop to check your email? Ask first. Need to charge your phone? Ask before using your roommate’s adapter. Solve problems before they start by asking permission.

4. Set Shower Times: Your BlogHer schedule is probably packed so don’t expect leave shower time to chance. Have a quick conversation before you go about who will be showering when. Then honor that.

5. Lights Out!: While we are talking timing, consider establishing a “lights out” curfew for the room when people can feel free to say “stop talking” without getting booed.

6. Smell Good: Four adults in a room can get a little musty. Consider bringing a small can of air therapy and pack a book of matches for the bathroom. Your poo does not smell like roses.

7. Tip the Maid: The room is going to get messy, you’re going to need extra towels, and the maid has the power to help. Consider setting up a tip fund which everyone contributes a few dollars to each day. I personally am suggesting to my roommates that we each stick a five dollar bill in an envelope and each take one of the four days.

8. Talk about Expectations: You may already be good friends with your roommate, they may be a total stranger. Either way, it’s a good idea to talk scheduling before hand. That way no one’s feelings are hurt when you head off to do your own thing or attend a party your roommate wasn’t invited to. Before you leave agree on whose credit card the room is going on and how the others are going to pay their share. If possible, take care of payment before you arrive in San Diego.

9.Stay in Contact: On the advice of my social media guru Jen Lee Reeves, I downloaded the Beluga app for my iPhone so I can text all of my roommates at once.

10. Be Generous: Have extra swag? Offer it to your roommate first. Headed out for a drink or dinner with friends? Invite your roommate to join. Consider giving a plus one to your roommate.



  1. As your {maybe 12 hour} roommate, I promise to do all the above!
    My {other 3 days} roommates & I all downloaded Beluga today to test it out. How come I’m just hearing about it!?!

  2. I asked the hotel, and they can take MULTIPLE forms of payment on the same reservation. So we’re all paying our own ways. Cash/CC/GC. Just a tip.

    • We were able to do that at TypeA and it was a lifesaver. But someone still has to put down their credit card at the beginning and have a hold on it so someone needs to take that responsibility.

  3. I reserved the room in my name and had all my roommates send me their share via Paypal. I was able to fill out a credit authorization form with the Marriott and they charged my debit card for the cost of the room. So, it’s all taken care of before we get there. This way, I don’t have to have what I consider and awkward conversation about money.

  4. This is awesome! Didn’t even think about hangers…

  5. Speak for your OWN poo!

  6. I’m ready to try my best to be the best possible roomie!!! (I’m writing down all of these tips on my arm so I don’t forget a thing.)

  7. When I’m texting you a week from now and asking you what I should pack, tell me hangers.

  8. Awesome tips! I hadn’t thought about bringing hangers!

  9. OMG hangers. You are a genius. I am putting some in my suitcase right now.


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