Blogger Seeks Wifi, Finds It at Best Buy Mobile

Disclosure: I will work for wifi. Proof? This post was sponsored by Best Buy.

Um, did you know BlogHer is this week? With all the craziness going on this summer I kind of forgot. Until I woke up in a blind panic this morning realizing I had DONE NOTHING TO PREPARE. Twitter and FB groups freaked me out even more with their talk of thank you tweets and brand meetings. So I did was any smart educated woman does: headed for the mall.

There I wandered around in a daze picking up random bits of clothing and essentials like dry shampoo (mama has got no time for showers at BlogHer.) The clothing shoping was depressing me, not only did nothing fit well at my “summer weight” but I also realized that I could afford none of it. Stupid summer, those twenty five cent ice pops at the pool add up.

Then like a beacon in the night I came across the BEST BUY MOBILE STORE.

It looked all amazingly heavenly and shizznit.
(Sidenote: Have you seen This Is The End? If not, go see it now. AWESOMENESS.)

Anyway, back to Best Buy Mobile…

You know what always fits and is always in style at BlogHer?

But what about me being broke? Well in case you weren’t aware, like I wasn’t aware until I saw their sign, you can trade in old tech for new. AMAZEBALLS. Because I usually end up recycling that stuff or sending it in dubious envelopes to programs that promise to give them to some needy group. But sorry needy group, mama needs a new tablet.

Of course I got distracted by the shiny new phones. And the nice gentleman there were only too happy to quickly check my upgrade status. And I was eligible, but to be honest I do love my HTC One and can’t see giving it up. While toying with the idea of a tablet, I was struck by the perfect BlogHer accessory, my very own hot spot. I mean is there anything a blogger girl loves more?

After talking it over with them, and having them check the trade in value on my phones, I was ready to walk out of there with my brand new personal hot spot and a month’s worth of service. Unfortunately, my husband called me right then and his name flashing on my caller ID made my budget guilt kick in. I left sadly only with my two giftcards. Because there is not obligation to upgrade, you can just take the gift cards and run.

But since BestBuy Mobile allows you to trade in your phones EVERY DAY FOR GIFT CARDS, and I realized I have two more phones at home, that wifi will still be mine before I fly to Chicago.

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