Big Mother Living With Jawbone Up

So as part of their blogging program, Best Buy sent me a Jawbone Up to review. Thanks Best Buy! I only wish you had done this ten months ago so I could have skipped my $2000 sleep study!
Jawbone Up

So what is this Jawbone UP you may be wondering. Since I am sort of clueless when it comes to the latest and newest (I will know how to use it but I will still call it a doohicky,) I would have assumed the Jawbone was some cousin of the bluetooth. But not at all, instead it’s a very cool looking wristband that made me feel all techie and cutting edge. Oh and it tracks your sleep and activity levels too.

This new wave of health tech devices have been nicknamed “Big Mother.” Get it? Except unlike the somewhat psycho TV show who treats people like lab rats, the Big Mother apps are benevolent. They want you to live your life better. And give you a hug. Well not really on that last part. Though that would be cool.

The Jawbone UP tracks your sleep activity, steps which upload into an app where you can track your calorie intake as well. I love that the food input shows pictures so with one glance at your day you get a visual of how well you are eating. You can also track your moods which would probably be useful if I wasn’t always entering tired or stressed. Gee, thanks Jawbone UP for reminding me of how glum I truly am.


But I can’t stay mad at it because I love how it tracks my sleep. I did a sleep study at the beginning of the year only to be told, yep you have sleep apnea get a CPAP machine. That was it. No other options. No insight on why I have it (I do not fit the typical profile) or how I can help it. With this $130 device, I have already learned more about my sleep patterns and how what I does affects them than I did by having electrodes glued to my skin and hair for two nights. That, to me, is worth the price alone.

Downsides? There aren’t many in my opinion. I have read that some people have problems with their band but I have not experienced that. I do wish it was able to be worn while swimming. That is how I get most of my exercise and there isn’t even an option to track swimming on the app (you have to add it as other.) And I wish it had a watch. But that is probably a pipe dream eh? But imagine how awesome it would be to press a little button and have the time light up. Then I truly would be cool.


  1. Super cool! I am totally interested in these.

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