Back To School : A Letter to Myself

Dear 2012 self,
First off, do we have flying cars yet? Because it seems like in 2012 we should have flying cars.


But enough about the flying cars… have you stopped worrying? Does your stomach no longer flip when the bus pulls up? Are you at peace with that decision yet? Are are you still wondering if it was the right thing to do? Do me a favor: today look at the window and wave to her like you did the first week of school. Stand there and watch her smile at you and blow kisses to her.


And when you drop her sister off, tell her you love her. Tell her now while she’s still young and let’s you tell her. And today on the way to school, don’t rush, let her look at all the leaves and read all the signs. So what if you have to sign her in one day out of many?


Most of all remember these moments. Remember the sweetness that may be gone soon. Remember the small accomplisments instead of worry about the big ones yet to happen. It’s so easy to forget after a few months how much you wished for the things they now do regularly. Savor the small victories.


Don’t squander this time for yourself either. Remember the elation of week one of back to school. Sleep more. Have lunch with a friend. Write a few blog posts at once. Scan the pictures.


Because too soon it will be summer.





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