Can Your Style Bring You Luck?

Around the month of March, everyone starts to feel a little lucky. Especially if they are wearing green. But what if you could bring luck year round with your personal style? Everyone from feng shui experts to astrologists have opinions on which looks can attract luck in your everyday life. I figure, it's worth a try right? Read on for the luckiest way to dress.... … [Read more...]

Pantry Tomato Pasta

One of my favorite pins is this Martha Stewart fresh tomato pasta recipe. Just looking at it makes me think of summer! It's one of my favorite dishes to make after visiting the farmer's market. It comes together quickly and makes for a wonderful, easy summertime lunch. And I miss it during the winter. So I came up with a remake version that utilizes canned tomatoes (though fresh ones work too, just check out the notes.) … [Read more...]

Anti-Love Stories

Oh Valentine's Day, you heart filled candy floss of a day. You know, most of the time I just ain't feeling it. Fortunately I have given up on it and just surrendered to the Christmas Revenge that the day has become for the littles. But for those of you that are love lorn are just want to throw things at the TV due to everyone who got flowers at the store today, here are my favorite anti-love stories, in suggested watching order. This Valentine's Day marathon will make you HAPPY to not be in love! … [Read more...]

A Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Recently I devoured Gretchen Rubin's Happier at Home. I love self help books, but they do often make me a little depressed. Because the thought of doing all of this improvements makes me want to take a nap. So my favorite part of Happier at Home was when she suggested something I am already doing... a Valentine's Day breakfast. Special breakfasts are my favorite because of the no pressure atmosphere. The kids haven't had time to get all hyped up. They literally stumble their way to the table and are awed by the confetti, balloons, and unusual food. When they are normally greeted by a bowl of cereal, it doesn't take much. And then the evening is free for a romantic date with the husband. Or more likely a night of us sitting around eating the candy from the girls' school valentines. Want to do your own table? Resources below the cut! … [Read more...]

Family Nesting; It’s a Thing

In partnership with U.S. Cellular, I am particularly happy on this gloomy day to share some smart ways to melt away the winter blues. The hygee movement has been all the rage lately. And why not? The Danish idea of snuggling in with family and friends and celebrating the simple pleasures of being together sounds perfectly delightful when faced with the alternative of dragging your set to crowded and loud indoor entertainment centers. Sure, we could be out there enjoying the winter weather. But let's get real; we live in Missouri. There are no picturesque winter hikes here. No ice skating and skiing. The closest we get is some sledding when it snows. Otherwise, it's all bleak flat walks where you search desperately for signs of Spring. I will take forts and hot chocolate and board games, thank you very much! To drag the girls away from the screens, we actually (wait for it) involve screens. But instead of holing up separately and doing our own thing, we have been getting them … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Outfits for Your Little Sweethearts

Who else is a sucker for holiday themed clothes? Maybe it's the Southerner in me but I can't help but drape my kids from head to toe in heart gear every February 14th. Even if you are more restrained, now is the time to pick up a touch or two of red for your kids to wear next month. As I have found, this stuff sells out fast! Valentine's Day outfits don't have to be cutesy as these looks from one of my stores (Crazy 8) for holiday gear prove... Click through for a Pinterest board with more of my favorites! … [Read more...]

Happy Howlidays!

I love the holiday season — the decorations, the presents, the yummy food, and of course, all of the festivities! You know who else loves them too? My dog, Huckleberry. It's his first Christmas with us. And maybe his first ever? These shelter dogs are hard to age. He loves us being home so much. Life just slows down during the holidays and we're hanging out with the Huck more and more. It turns out that I'm not the only pet mama to spoil her pup during this time of year. That's why I love this super cute website called from Big Heart Pet Brands (the makers of Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Canine Carry Outs, and Milo's Kitchen). They really know how to celebrate the holidays with your pup! On, check out some of the fun doggy do-it-yourself ideas they've dreamed up. … [Read more...]

Hurry Up Christmas!

This post is part of my partnership with U.S. Cellular. They are all about the #BetterMoments! Hello all, am I the only one who cannot wait for Christmas? It is our first Christmas without family and while are missing them, we are looking forward to just chilling for a few days. No travel, no obligations outside of a couple of parties and a Skype date with our British besties. So today is all about the last minute errands that ensure we can just snuggle in for a few days. The girls and I have a full to do list of the mall, the grocery store, and downtown for a few last minute gifts. Luckily I have discovered the joy of mobile payment which makes things so much easier! … [Read more...]

Wireless Accessories Gift Guide

This post is in partnership with my U.S. Cellular ambassadorship. Be sure to visit them and let them help you select the right holiday gift for anyone on your list. When I start talking tech, I can't stop. So instead of letting it take over my gift guide this year, I decided to share a few hot tech accessory gift ideas. Wireless devices play an important role in our daily routines. According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey, 38 percent of smartphone users play games on their phones daily, 49 percent check the latest news, 14 percent use GPS and 34 percent use their phone to help monitor their health. Powered by U.S. Cellular’s high-speed network with national coverage, mobile devices such as an iPad Air can work in tandem with cutting edge accessories to help you monitor your health and fitness, listen to your favorite songs or provide a more convenient and unique messaging experience. For passions ranging from fitness to gaming and everything in between, wireless … [Read more...]

Happy Everything with HP StickAPic

As the holiday season approaches, I can feel everyone's stress levels start to rise. But it totally doesn't have to be that way. A few years back I decided to fight back against the craziness and chill out. Because in a world where people, argue over red cups at Starbucks we all need to have a sense of humor. So we throw a casual fun holiday party. This year with a sponsored #StickAPic party with HP. Incorporating their new Social Snapshots app and their cool new sticky photo paper. Though most of my blogging comtemporaries went with cool DIY crafts, we went with some pure fun. After seeing the party kit.... with fun supplies with Michaels and tons of photo paper my mind immediately turned to a photo game with a holiday twist... I hope you get inspired to have your own non stress event! And Happy everything! … [Read more...]