Summer Reading Programs for Kids 2015


Woohoo! It's the last day of school today! As soon as the girls get home we will sit down and make up our summer bucket list. Sure to be at the top: summer reading programs! My girls already love to read but the programs below make it extra fun for them. In addition to the ones I mentioned, don't forget to check out your local library. Ours does a fantastic program every year that includes activities as well as reading goals. Summer reading programs for 2015! … [Read more...]

Summer Lunch in a Snap

Summer vacation is so close that I can taste it! The girls only have a day and a half left of school so the weekend has been full of getting ready. Even though they go to summer school (free here for the month of June, almost all the kids go, it's great!) we still like to reset to a slower pace. Everything is just a little more relaxed around here. But kids still have to eat. So I like to keep on hand a few key ingredients for super fast, super fun, and of course super easy summer lunches. The bonus with this one is that there are almost no dishes. All it takes is two things... Fritos and Hormel chili! … [Read more...]

Little Lotus Giveaway


Though I rarely do giveaways anymore, today I wanted to share a giveaway from Little Lotus. Swaddling and sleep blankets were a lifesaver for us when the Terror Twins were teeny. And this line is so cool. Inspired by the Embrace Infant Warmer, which has helped more than 150,000 babies worldwide, Little Lotus swaddles, sleep sacks & blankets use proprietary technology inspired by NASA spacesuits to keep babies at an ideal temperature so they can rest more comfortably. For every product sold, a baby in need will be helped by the Embrace warmer, as way to extend a 'warm embrace' to less fortunate moms and babies all over the world. I adore companies who have a commitment to giving back! The signature print of the Little Lotus products was inspired by Touch Our Future, and features the hand tracings of mothers and babies helped by the Embrace warmers. Touch Our Future is an art installation by renowned artist, Drue Kataoka in collaboration with Embrace Innovations, … [Read more...]

How to Build a Dinotastic Terrarium

We spend a lot of summer afternoons inside avoiding the sun (my kids burn in a snap.) So I am always looking for fun ideas to keep them occupied. We got into building fairy gardens outside awhile back but they just aren't as fun inside. So our Summer favorite is building terrariums. They are perfect for long afternoons and if you do them properly, easy to maintain and change out. This dinosaur version is a favorite of ours. Your kiddo will love tackling this project inspired by Katie Elzer Peters's book Miniature Gardens. I have modified this one to be "faux" because who wants to worry about taking care of plants on lazy Summer days? … [Read more...]

Meet Huckleberry!

Meet Huckleberry the Dog

It's been a crazy few weeks around here due to some medical issues and trips out of town but you know what makes everything feel a little more calm and happy? Puppy hugs. Our beloved Peanut Butter passed away the first week in April and since then we have been looking for the perfect dog to adopt. We were basically stalking the Humane Society. Which paid off when a worker snuck us a peek at this ewok ball of fur before he was officially up for adoption. The day he was up, I rushed over there with my friend K who spent years working in shelters and knew how to scope out a dog in a few minutes. With her stamp of approval and lots of additional hugs from the girls later on, we signed the papers and he was ours. Immediately, he is an integral part of our life. Dogs just bring so much joy to life don't they? We got him at the perfect time because this weekend is Nat Geo WILD’s inaugural BARKFEST, a full weekend of programming that celebrates man’s best friend. Check below for the … [Read more...]

Using the AIO To Do It All


Yesterday I wrote about celebrating Mother's Day a little early with National Mom's Nite Out with an evening of fun with friends. A lot of the extras were made possible through my HP Envy (I am part of the HP Smart Moms panel) but I neglected to say how much I used my Intel All-in-One too. The ability to touch and print in a couple of seconds made the whirlwind of party planning a breeze. I just love having that thing in my kitchen! … [Read more...]

National Mom’s Night Out

National Moms Night Out

If you're a mom, I hope you had an absolutely lovely day yesterday! Mine was very chill which was just what I needed after a crazy week of doctor appointments. The whole weekend was laid back really, a #Whole30 will do that to you. It did get off to a great start though Thursday night when I hosted a celebration for National Mom's Night Out. They send me a huge box full of everything I needed to spoil a few friends with a night off from momming. We chilled, painted wine classes, chatted, and laughed. Details on the fun below! … [Read more...]

You Will Not Get the Best of Me Laundry

Laundry Owns Me

I used to wake up and realize that once again, the laundry had regenerated itself. No matter how much laundry I would do, there were piles waiting for me every morning. I swear that my shirts and pants were having a party every night and giving birth to piles of underwear. There was just no other explanation for the amount of clothing covering my laundry room floor. But I refused to give in, with these five tips and some help from my favorite detergent All, I have conquered the laundry room. … [Read more...]

Five Mother’s Journals That Mom Will Actually Use

Journals for Mom

Mother's Day is coming up and trust me, mom doesn't need another mug or pen or brooch. Flowers die and candy boxes never live up to their promise. So what's a kid to do? Invest in a journal. My mom has been writing in journals for years (I can't wait to crack open those babies one day.) Writing is great for destressing (which every mom needs!) And journals make a great place to save memories for kids. But don't pick up a pretty blank book and call it a day. Instead opt for one of these journals which not only make writing a snap but also open up the lines of communications between mom and kids. … [Read more...]

Small Changes for Earth Day

Small Changes for Earth Day

Lately Calamity Jane is totally inspired by her hero Jane Goodall which means she is all about doing everything she can to help endangered animals and save the earth. But not every thing has to be a action like moving to live with the monkeys. Small changes can make a difference too. Here are some small changes you can make today to celebrate Earth Day everyday! … [Read more...]