My Anywhere with U.S. Cellular

(This post is in partnership with U.S. Cellular. Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog.) As you enjoy the first official weekend of the summer, I encourage you to capture the moments. I am realizing how few pictures I end up taking of us out and about. Which is totally ridiculous considering that my iPhone takes better pictures than most of the cameras I have owned. It's time to put that camera to good use! And now through Sunday you can use those photos to enter the #MyAnywhere photo contest. This summer, U.S. Cellular is encouraging customers to share photos of the places they love most by showing just how beautiful ‘anywhere’ can be. Share photos of your ‘anywhere’ on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #MyAnywhere and tagging @uscellular through June 26 for the chance to win weekly prizes and a grand prize trip for four to anywhere in the United States. (Select photos from the contest may be used in U.S. Cellular TV advertising launching later in … [Read more...]

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

This sponsored post is in partnership with U.S. Cellular. Wow! April flew by! I am finishing up the month at the Mom2 Summit which is amazing. But I wanted to take some time to note that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and I challenged myself to break up with my mobile in the car habit. I love my iPhone, but it doesn't need to be in my hand at all times. Sometimes, it's as simple as putting it in my purse before I set my purse on the floor of the car. But for times when I am purseless, I have been using the following tips from U.S. Cellular as well. Read on! … [Read more...]

Hello I’m Broken, Maybe You Are Too?

Earlier this year, I started noticing a mom at drop off. She has just the style I thought I would have as a mom and just the parenting attitude with her adorable daughter I thought I would with my own girls. As I dragged my kids up the hill morning after morning, I looked at her apparent perfection and went home and cried. If this was a "mom-lit" book, we would bond over some silly thing. Maybe her kid trips and I pull a bandaid out of my purse (a highly unlikely scenario being as I never have bandaids, or a purse.) We would chat and become the best of friends. But in real life, I just fetishize her life from afar as I do yet another morning walk of shame in pajamas. This came to mind yesterday as I instagrammed a picture of my view from the top of a cliff on the California coast. As I posted, I thought about how perfect it looked, a casual afternoon overlooking the ocean. But in the picture, you can not see the tears coming down my cheeks. How much easier would it be if we … [Read more...]

Spring Trends 2016

Happy Spring! It's raining and cold here lately but I am stubbornly keeping my windows open and my Spring clothes on. Soon to be prominent in my rotation are the lovely shoes posted above! My friend sent them over the pond for my fortieth birthday and I am love. She's must more fashionable than me and with one gift of shoes, managed to make me up my game for some more Spring trends. Here's what "in" this Spring: Off the Shoulder Updated White Shirt Daytime Lingerie Pleats Ruffles Stripes 90's inspired Wraps Romantic Ties   Those strike throughs? Aren't happening for me. I don't wear anything that requires a special bra (off the shoulder) and anything I wore the first time (nineties). Also, I don't iron (pleats). But the others, yeah. Even daytime lingerie in the form of some silk pajama pants. I am planning on working all of these into my everyday style wearing those awesome shoes whenever possible! Check out my mood board below the cut alone … [Read more...]

The Best Box for Food Loving Cooks

In just a couple of weeks I'll be reviewing the new MARY's secret ingredients box . I loved my … [Read more...]

Simple Italian Pot Roast

Somehow pot roast always ends up befuddling me. I buy it on sale and then it sits in the fridge staring at me, just daring me to make it. "Kate, you know you are going to dry me out!" it coos whenever I dare reach for it. So for this #PinterestRemakes challenge, I decided to tackle one of the many many Italian pot roast recipes I have pinned over the years. The problem is that so many of them seem to be meat only. And I am lazy. So I wanted to incorporate a veggie too. That way it's a complete meal. Read on for my simple Italian pot roast recipe. … [Read more...]

Spring Clean Your Passwords

In all your Spring cleaning, don't forget to do your digital spring cleaning! A good place to start is this inbox spring clean I shared a few years back. And this year as part of the U.S. Cellular Blogger Brigade, I am sharing smart ways to help improve your password habits. and bed are to take some time to update your tech agreement with your kids. Don't have one? You can download a Parent/Child Agreement here. If you have bad password habits, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone! According to a Harris Interactive survey, more than half of Americans realize they need to change their password habits. Among the password habits that need attention are reusing passwords and creating weak passwords, such as your dog’s name, 12345 or password123. When it comes to protecting valuable information, those passwords share common patterns, creating vulnerability across the various accounts we all use every day, ranging from the ones that need to be most secure, like bank … [Read more...]

A Spriteful Start to Spring With Fairy and Gnome Stories

Hard to believe the snowy weekend we had involved the first day of Spring! If it was cold in your part of the world, I bet you are as ready to greet Spring as I am. Today while shopping for crafts, for our egg hunt I was definitely in the Spring mood after seeing all the cute mushroom, fairy, and gnome decorations at Michael's! I can't think of a cuter way to celebrate the beginning of the season. If you want to get into the spirit of sprites, here are some adorable books about gnomes and fairies: 1. No, No Gnome: I spotted this new book at our local bookstore and instantly loved it. Kids will love the simple wording and the phrasing is perfect for beginner readers. 2. How to Find Flower Fairies: Feed your child's imagination with this whimsical pop up book all about fairies and their homes. Then take your kids on a fairy hunt. 3. Gnomes: You will have to track this book down as it is out of print in the U.S. (it's available on Amazon from used book sellers) but it's totally … [Read more...]

Zootopia : A Cross Country Review

Disclosure: this is my last post as part of the Fandango Family Blogger Group. I have so enjoyed working for with Fandango on reviewing movies with my family. And falling in love with the ease of Fandango! Thank you to Fandango for sponsoring my blog and treating me and my family to so many great films! When asked to review Zootopia, I was so excited! But then I realized I was going to be in France the weekend it premiered. What to do? Well obviously see it and discuss via FaceTime like a modern family. And with Fandango, I was able to send tickets to my parents via email back in the states. So here is our cross country, cross generation review! … [Read more...]

Mini Breaks with Mini Babybel

"Mini Babybel provided me with product, a $50 movie gift card, a fort building kit, a board game, and a sweepstakes entry for this post. No other compensation was provided." Early in the year, Mini Babybel contacted me about writing a post about the family weekend. Of course I said yes. Because I love those little cheese wheels. But then life happened, and I kept waiting for the perfect time for all four of us to break out the package and have a perfect weekend. HA! As anyone with kids knows, weekends can be more packed than the week. And the terror twins don't even play sports! So as the weeks sped by the little cheeses started to disappear and the box of fun games and movie tickets sat sad and neglected. So I took a new approach: mini breaks... … [Read more...]