5 Green Makeup Choices

March brings with it sunlight from daylight savings time, my birthday, and St. Patrick’s Day. And while I love me some beer, the green I really like to see on March 17th is the grass peeking through the snow. Spring is so close I can taste it! And while some people love Fall for a reset, I prefer the promise of spring cleaning.

But don’t stop with your house! In the spirit of fresh starts and everything green, shake up your makeup routine with some green choices. Here are five “green” makeup brands that will give your face a refresh.

Five Green Makeup Brands
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Passion Planner Review

As part of a blogging collaboration group, I was tasked with sharing something that makes my life as a work at home parent a little easier. I knew that it had to share how happy I am with my Passion Planner.

I wasn’t sure exactly how much I would utliize it back when I backed their Kickstarter in November; I just knew that I had to find a planner that would keep track of my home life and work life in one place. Because if you work from your house, you know how quickly the two of them blend! Pulling out two different planners and calendars just wasn’t working for my anymore.

Passion Planner Review

To my delight, it has been everything I hoped for. It’s blending my tasks together seamlessly and helping me stay on track with my 2015 goals. The goals kick started with the mind mapping exercise at the beginning of the planner and continues through mapping space and task breakdown weekly. And there are reflection pages at the end of each month that help break down what I got done, what I didn’t, and why.

And that’s not even counting the weekly quotes and thoughts. And the weekly and daily focus spaces. I could go on and on but let me break down a few of the details for you and you can judge for yourself…
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How Animal Lovers Can Save the Strays

After the GoDaddy Superbowl commercial controversy, I thought I would share some information about rescue and adoption of animals! We love our rescue pets!

Every year in the United States, more than 7.6 million cats and dogs are turned into shelters, two-thirds of which are recognized as stray or feral. According to the ASPCA, 2.7 million of these animals are euthanized. Unfortunately, no-kill shelters around the country are simply filled to capacity, and state- and city-run pounds and humane societies cannot afford to keep every animal that comes through the door. Still, death is a harsh punishment for animals only striving to stay alive.

Regular people have the power and resources to help stray and feral animals in any community around
the country. Countless furry lives can be saved if animal lovers act in any of the following ways.
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Winter Beauty Tips

Yay! February! Even though it came roaring in with our first snow day, I am enjoying winter a little more this month. Sure, it’s snowy but the after Christmas let down is gone and the month is broken up by Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day may be a corporate invention but it’s still a fun excuse to get dressed up or at the very least pamper yourself a bit. After a couple of months of cold, it’s time to take off the woolies and treat your skin right!

Read on for my best tips for winter beauty!
winter beauty essentials
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Do You Have Frozen Fever?

Anyone else still have kids OBSESSED with Frozen? My girls were off it for a bit but now they are all the way back in. Desmonda Drama even asked for an Anna dress up dress for her birthday. So I was thrilled to get a sneak peek at images from Frozen Fever, the new short debuting before Cinderella on March 13th.

Olag Frozen Fever
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Quirky Love Stories

Happy February! It’s the month of love. And I admit that I love Valentine’s Day. I was kind of burned by it back in 2001 when after my then boyfriend promised me a HUGE SPECIAL DAY and wrote about diamonds in his calendar but just took me to a play. However, since I had kids I have come back around to the day and it’s potential for loving the ones you love.

Since my own love story is so unconventional, I have a special place in my heart for quirky love stories. If you’re of the same vein, here are some you may not have heard of….
quirky Love stories
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Staying on Track in 2015

This post is a two parter. Tomorrow, being the first of the month, I am going to do the big check in on my resolutions and intentions for 2015. But since that promises to be a humdinger, I thought I would do a separate post today on some of the tools I am using to stay on track.

This part of my resolutions update post is sponosred by U.S. Cellular. Happy to be a ambassador for such a cool company. Here’s some of the apps I use on my phone to keep myself honest.
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Five Awesome Fort Building Secrets

It’s been a rather mild winter here, snow wise. The freezing temps arrived but no flurries. That is going to change this weekend and I am kind of looking forward to it. There’s something about being home bound that just invites coziness. Popsecret is perfect for cozy days. They’ve sponsored this post as part of their #PopSecretForts movement.

1. Make an instant fort with an umbrella. If you have one kiddo or a few that each needs their own personal space, grab a nice big sturdy umbrella and open it. Then drape a blanket or sheet over it and add a flashlight. Tada! Instant hideout!

2. Gather supplies: blankets, sheets, pillows, chairs. And snacks!

3. Clothespins take it to the next level. You can have a fort extend across an entire basement if you have a bag of clothespins.

4. Take over the dining room table with a full scale hangout. Use the chairs to expand!

5. To really step it up, go beyond the blankets with cardboard boxes. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

So whether or not it’s snowing where you live build a pillow fort with your child this weekend! Eat some Pop Secret popcorn and read a few books. Make sure to snap a photo of your child and pillow fort creation, then use the hashtag #popsecretforts. Each person who submits their photo to Pop Secret Facebook page will also be eligible to receive a host of mystery prizes and rewards while supplies last. And while your at the Pop Secret Facebook page download a coupon for $1 off, along with a flag to claim your pillow fort.

Go Big For the Big Game With Candy Ice Cream Cakes

The kitchen is where I get creative and I love it, especially when I get to get creative with dessert. This #BigGameTreats shop, with my desserts for the holiday that celebrates football as my friend’s adorable daughter calls it, has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Be forewarned, you will want to make this easy cake ALL THE TIME.
Snickers Ice Cream Cake

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10 Easy Valentine’s Day Class Party Ideas

So every year there is a sucker and this year that sucker was me. I am of course, speaking of the job of class parent. It’s up to me to throw three holiday (but not holiday specific parties a year.) Each one needs to be amusing enough for twenty kids, not involve anything messy, take less than five minutes to set up, but be thirty minutes long. Yeah.

But my favorite one is coming up, the Valentine’s Party! Not only do I get to involve the actual holiday but it’s also the last one. With two under my belt, I know what works and what doesn’t. So now, I am sharing the best tips with you.

Here’s the top ten for easy Valentine’s Class Party tips!
Valentines Class Parties
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