Wireless Accessories Gift Guide

This post is in partnership with my U.S. Cellular ambassadorship. Be sure to visit them and let them help you select the right holiday gift for anyone on your list. When I start talking tech, I can't stop. So instead of letting it take over my gift guide this year, I decided to share a few hot tech accessory gift ideas. Wireless devices play an important role in our daily routines. According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey, 38 percent of smartphone users play games on their phones daily, 49 percent check the latest news, 14 percent use GPS and 34 percent use their phone to help monitor their health. Powered by U.S. Cellular’s high-speed network with national coverage, mobile devices such as an iPad Air can work in tandem with cutting edge accessories to help you monitor your health and fitness, listen to your favorite songs or provide a more convenient and unique messaging experience. For passions ranging from fitness to gaming and everything in between, wireless … [Read more...]

Happy Everything with HP StickAPic

As the holiday season approaches, I can feel everyone's stress levels start to rise. But it totally doesn't have to be that way. A few years back I decided to fight back against the craziness and chill out. Because in a world where people, argue over red cups at Starbucks we all need to have a sense of humor. So we throw a casual fun holiday party. This year with a sponsored #StickAPic party with HP. Incorporating their new Social Snapshots app and their cool new sticky photo paper. Though most of my blogging comtemporaries went with cool DIY crafts, we went with some pure fun. After seeing the party kit.... with fun supplies with Michaels and tons of photo paper my mind immediately turned to a photo game with a holiday twist... I hope you get inspired to have your own non stress event! And Happy everything! … [Read more...]

Keeping the House Cozy

Disclosure: This reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Ever since the Nest Learning Thermostat came onto the market, we have been wanting to add one to our home. So it seemed like a dream when the opportunity came to review one. Unfortunately, getting it up and running wasn't the dream I wanted it to be. We spent a few frustrating weekends trying to get it to run the way we wanted it to. Finally we called uncle and took it up to Best Buy. Thanks to help from their Geek Squad we were finally able to get it to connect consistently with the internet. Why is this connection so important? The Next Smart Thermostat saves you money by learning your habits and automatically adjusting to them. So while you can program your Nest Thermostat to start working right away on your daily habits, getting it to work with input is essential to saving you money. The key to our connection was the … [Read more...]

Gift For Food Lovers : Mary’s Secret Ingredients Box

For the past few months, I have been seeing people talk about the cooking box Mary's Secret Ingredients. It seemed different than the normal food and snack boxes, so when I was offered the chance to review one I typed yes so fast that my fingers hurt a little. What is Mary's Secret Ingredients? It's a limited edition culinary subscription box that not only contains unique, gourmet products but also a small kitchen tool you never knew you needed but suddenly can't live with out. It's delivered right to your door each season. What really makes the box stand out though is that the founder Mary creates custom recipes using each product and emails them to you so you stay inspired. They also contribute to Feed The Children to end global hunger. Want a peek? Here is my Fall box... … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2015

So pleased to be kicking off the holiday season a little early this year. Usually I am all Scrooge McDuck about anything Christmassy before Thanksgiving but we need a little Christmas right this very moment this year. We've already seen the Magic Tree being lit, done our downtonw's Holiday Shop Hop, and I am getting myself a red Starbucks cup as soon as possible. And I am pleased to share this year's holiday gift guide here on the blog. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing lots of reviews and links for gifts perfect for everyone in your life. Bookmark this post and check back. I can't wait to share with you! … [Read more...]

Get Your Kids Dancing With the Peanuts Movie

Hope your weekend was great! We started off ours by seeing the Peanuts Movie with a while posse of moms and kids thanks to Fandango (who sponsored this post!) We were three moms and six kids, ranging from three to eight. There's something so fun about seeing movies with my friends and their kids. Someone is sure to love the film and get the rest of us engaged. Along for this trip was my mom movie buddy BJ. We've seen films that our kids love (like Inside Out, Spongebob, and the Lego Movie) and films we'd never let our kids see, no matter how hard they beg, such as Jurassic World, Trainwreck, and Straight Outta Compton. But this is the first time I have seen a movie with her two boys. I may have to drop her for her youngest because his love for the Peanuts movie was infectious. … [Read more...]

An Ode to the Huck

This post is sponsored by US Cellular. Thanks to them and to you for supporting my little old blog!I love partnering with them each month on a subject near and dear to my heart (like shelter dogs this month!) U.S. Cellular is all #BetterMoments. Make more happen in your home with your kids and your devices by downloading their parent/child agreement. Gah! I can not believe I leave for Beaches Moms tomorrow morning! I am so not prepared for it. But nothing is keeping me from getting on that plane. My to do list is a mile long today but I am cranking things out along with my coworker Huckles. I never thought we would be able to replace Peanut in our home (she will never be replaced in our hearts), Huckleberry is a wild ball of fur and love. But finding him wasn't easy. It was an all our search for the perfect dog. My iPhone 5 came in handy as we searched down every lead and thanks to awesome coverage from U.S. Cellular we were able to call for references from even the remote … [Read more...]

Halloween Pranks With Best Buy

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card. Just got back from an awesome girls' weekend at Lake of the Ozarks. If you don't know, this area of Missouri is famous for its fall foliage and it looked spectacular from the deck of our lake house with a glass of wine in my hand! Now that I am home, I just have a couple of days before I leave again, this time for the Turks and Caicos for the Social Media on the Sand conference at Beaches. My next two days are going to be full of packing and prepping the house for Halloween! We adore Halloween around these parts and as the girls as getting older, they are wanting to up the decoration game. Luckily Best Buy has some awesome and easy ideas for Hallowen Pranks. I am absolutely in love with all their ideas (you can find them Hallowen Pranks">here) but the one I totally want to do is the preserved heads one. Check it out! … [Read more...]

So Many Tasks; So Little Weekend

As the weekend draws to a close, all I can think about it how everything I needed to get done that I didn't get too. That's why this sponsored post with CVS MinuteClinic is so timely. If I am going to do something like a flu shot, it has got to be quick and super easy. I know some people don't think they need the flu shot but this mama has NO time to get sick. And while a common cold is not going to bring me down, the fever headache, sore throat, dry cough, stuffy or runny nose and muscle aches that come with the flu sideline me every time. Plus since it's a respiratory infection, my weak lungs put me at greater risk. Not to mention the possibility of infecting my husband or kid who both have asthma and breathing problems. And even though the flu season doesn't peak until January it starts now. And it takes about two weeks for antibodies to develop in your body to provide protection, so it’s never too soon! Get to the shots ASAP friends. I did the research so you don't have … [Read more...]

The Prettiest Mouths in the World

We presently have the prettiest mouths in the world thanks to this sponsored post by LISTERINE®. I know you may argue with me that your teeth are shiner, etc. but throw me a bone here. It's been a tough couple of weeks and my parenting pride is withering. So getting the terror twins to take care of their oral health feels like a HUGE win! I have convinced them (with the help of the LISTERINE® Frozen themed bottle) that all princesses have really lovely teeth and gums as pink as pearls. Because while most of us think we are doing a good enough job, way more of us suffer from some form of oral disease than you would think. I inherited poor gums from my dad (thanks dad) and don't want my kids to every have to spend the quality time with a pick that I have. Plus when I instill a good oral health routine in my kids; I am helping their overall wellness. And then I feel way less guilty about all of those vegetables they didn't eat at dinner. LISTERINE® put together an awesome … [Read more...]