Wednesday Drinks : Angry Orchard Cider

For serious beer drinkers, cider is a tough sell. It starts off refreshing, then the cloying sweetness starts to coat the toungue. Yet after many a happy day spent in rainy East Bay pubs drinking a cider, I have a soft spot for them. So I was pleased to find a box of Angry Orchard hard ciders on my doorstep.

Angry Orchard is named for the bittersweet apples they have grown for their ciders. Their apples are a blend of Italian culinary apples from the Apline foothills and french bittersweet apples from Normandy. They are serious about their cider!

The flavors I tried:
Crisp Apple: This is the traditional cider I expect. It’s sweet with a subtle dryness and has a fresh apple aroma. I recommend it for mixing. My favorite cider mix is a Snakebite: cider and a stout. We made these with the Crisp Apple and my husband’s homebrewed ginger stout. Yum!

Apple Ginger: This was the one I could drink on its own. The zip of ginger really complements the smooth sweetness of the cider.

Traditional Dry: I imagine this is what they are referring to in English chick lit novels when they say they are grabbing a cider.

Angry Orchard rerails for around $8.99 a six pack. If you’re looking for something different than the usual beer or a way to break wine drinkers into beer, I recommend picking up some. To find where Angry Orchard is served near you, visit the “cider finder”. Also if you see it on draft, definitely have the bartender make you a Snakebite. I prefer a craft stout but Guinness works too. I also enjoy using cider in cocktails such as the Fall Basket. By the way, Angry Orchard ciders are gluten free!

Do you enjoy cider? Which is your favorite?

Cider lovers can explore the orchard online, Facebook , and Twitter.


  1. not a cider drinker. . .but these sound yummy and very “fallish” – I may have to give it a try!


  2. You should know that there IS, in fact, high fructose corn syrup in Angry Orchard Cider. It has been pulled from the shelves of Whole Foods.

  3. In fact, i’m sorry to rain on your parade, but if Angry Orchard do use French Bitter Sweet and Italian Culinary apples there is barely any there. Angry Orchard in truth is made of the same apple concentrate used to make other cheap knock-offs, they just don’t tell you all the truth. Concentrates mostly come from China but also South America and Poland. The apples used are basically anything and everything, the concentrate process strips the apple of much to the point that unfermented concentrate by product is added to the fermented (watered down) cider, so it has a familiar apple juice taste. All Angry Orchard is, is another way of making alcoholic apple juice. Further, why use Italian apples? The Italians aren’t known for being big apple farmers, why not use domestic apples? They are better and cheaper. The French do indeed have some Cider apples, unfortunately the orchards were almost bare last year so ummmmm where did Angry Orchard get theirs from?………………. They used an apple variety that was from France, or more likely they didn’t use jack, just continued with the concentrate apple goo. A Real Cider should NEVER taste like fresh apple juice, like a wine should never taste distinctly like Grape juice – Wine tastes like Wine, Cider tastes like Cider, and in business you don’t have to say all of the truth, just some so it sounds the best it can.
    Most dry cider have higher alcohol (6.5 – 8%) sweet ones can be as low as 2.5% and may impart a somewhat familiar apple not but not like store bought

  4. Rebecca Sellers says:

    AO Summer Honey is a delicious beer and perfect on these hot summer days. Unfortunately, though, I have had some bad stomach upset lately after consuming just one or two beers :/ I have a corn sensitivity and now believe the culprit to be the HFCS in the brew 🙁 Please AO – eliminate the corn syrup so I can drink your yummy beer!!

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