And Then There’s This

The invitation to my friend’s New Year’s Day party said “2015, Be Better.”
I feel you, boy do I feel you.

At the beginning of the December, we found out that daughter one needs two different therapy appointments a week, appointments that aren’t covered by insurance. And then the next day we found out that the school wants to pull assistance.

Then daughter two was diagnosed with ADHD. In the four years we have been in and out of testing this has never been suggested. But it’s not totally shocking because

But I digress. I am not sure why ADHD has thrown me for such a loop. In comparison to the other issues she is dealing with, ADHD is relatively mild. There is a lot that can be done for it. It is something that can be managed, something that we can teach her about. There’s so much information out there.

And that’s probably the issue; I am overwhelmed with information. Diet, meds, non meds, essential oils, magnesium, therapy, books, guides, etc. Where to start?

Tomorrow is the real New Year start for me. I always delay until the school start because who can get all resolutionie and productive when the kids are running you ragged at the end of winter break. So Monday morning, I will get back on the horse and make lists and look into oils and find out what therapy is going to cost and so on and so on.

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