All the Fall Trends, Under $100

One of my goals this year for back to school is to try and be more put together. I totally fall into the trap of wearing workout clothes all day when I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in a year. My key to this is developing a uniform. After twelve years of Catholic school, that works for me.

I have a base outfit and then add accessories or trends as needed. But I live in a SMALL city so those trends have to be wearable, affordable, and easy to get at places like Old Navy and Target. If you are in the same boat, I put together a list of trends and where to get them for under $100. And I mean all of them (barring a few Fall trends that I just don’t see happening in suburbia. I’m looking at you, faux fur stole.)

The core piece: Flare Jeans. $20-$30
Take a break from skinnies (my stomach is breathing a sigh of relief) and spend a chunk of that $100 on a pair of flattering flare jeans. My go to place is Old Navy where you can almost always get a pair for under $30. But I LOVE this dark pair from Target’s Mossimo line, which are $25!
flare jeans

Pair them with your knit sweaters, or a turtleneck and a blazer. All three of those pieces are back in for Fall.

The go to accessory: statement earrings. $5-$15
Head to toe black is very on trend this Fall and you can really be on fleek as the kids say (or did a year ago) by wearing it with a pair of statement earrings, another Fall trend. These don’t have to be expensive; I find most of my best pieces at Target or Forever 21! Like this pair from Target that is only $8!

Not an earring person? Try a scarf ($10-$20) in one of the Fall trends. It’s an easy way to update without spending the money on a core piece. Florals are very in for Fall. Pick one up in a darker color and you are set (I love this one from Old Navy h, on sale for $16!.)

If you’re keeping count, you still have $20-$30 to spend. So spend it on an absolutely on trend piece that makes you feel awesome but that you don’t have any guilt about donating once it’s out of style or you’ve moved on. Some ideas: duster coat, nineties floral dress, a backpack purse, shearling vest, seventies hat. Personally I’ve got my eye on this look from H&M…
floral dress

So the shopping list:
-flare jeans
-statement earrings and/or a on trend scarf
-fun trendy piece
Done and done.

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  1. I am SO HAPPY that flare/bootcut is back in style (Not that I ever really stopped wearing my bootcut jeans) The skinnies just don’t look that great on my figure!

  2. I really like flare jeans. That’s one trend I’m really pleased to see returning.


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