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I can see you shaking your head now… “ChuckECheese? Really Kate?” Yes, really. Though I remain annoyed by the weird gambling like ticket dispensing games, I can’t help but love a place that lets my kids make silly picture after silly picture of themselves for a token apiece. So when they sent us a pass to go for ChuckECheese to celebrate Chucktober we gathered up a few friends, donned our costumes and headed over for some dinner fun.

Halloween Chuck E Cheese

The entire month of October is “Chucktober” and kids who visit Chuck E. Cheese’s wearing their Halloween costume will automatically win 50 free tickets. Plus post your pics on Instagram or Twitter to @chuckecheese tagged with #Chucktober2014 for a chance to win awesome prizes including gift cards to Target, Best Buy, and Toys R’ Us!

Read on about our fun at Chuck E Cheese and a way to win a Chucktober prize!

Here’s my key to Chuck E Cheese, go and enjoy with your kids. When you go all in, you’re much more likely to enjoy yourself. Unless my kids are in the climbing structure I am right there with them: goofy faces in the portrait machine, playing shoot the ducks (less violent than it sounds), and holding down on the end of the horse to make sure it jumps (skinny kid problems.)

We play the active games, then fuel up on pizza. Because my kids are so distracted that I am able to shove veggie pizza into them. Exhbit A:

Pizza at Chuck E Cheese

Insider tip: those cups entitle you to free refills every visit. So they are worth the investment. Another pro tip, head for the virtual reality machine. Three small kids or two regular ones can ride at once. It’s by far my kiddo’s favorite. Just look at these faces…

Fun at Chuck E Cheese

Ready to have some of your own fun at ChuckeCheese? Just comment on your favorite fun there and you could win a Chucktober surprise. And give your kids’ costumes a test run this weekend at Chuck E Cheese for free tickets for them and fun for everyone.


  1. shelly peterson says:

    My favorite fun is playing games with my kids, my favorite game is skee ball.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

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