An Ode to the Huck

This post is sponsored by US Cellular. Thanks to them and to you for supporting my little old blog!I love partnering with them each month on a subject near and dear to my heart (like shelter dogs this month!) U.S. Cellular is all #BetterMoments. Make more happen in your home with your kids and your devices by downloading their parent/child agreement.

Gah! I can not believe I leave for Beaches Moms tomorrow morning! I am so not prepared for it. But nothing is keeping me from getting on that plane. My to do list is a mile long today but I am cranking things out along with my coworker Huckles.

me and huckles2

I never thought we would be able to replace Peanut in our home (she will never be replaced in our hearts), Huckleberry is a wild ball of fur and love. But finding him wasn’t easy. It was an all our search for the perfect dog. My iPhone 5 came in handy as we searched down every lead and thanks to awesome coverage from U.S. Cellular we were able to call for references from even the remote country rescues.

Looking for your perfect adoptable dog? In honor of October being Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, U.S. Cellular has some great advice on how to use mobile apps and devices (paired with U.S. Cellular’s outstanding national coverage of course) can help you find the perfect pup.

We adopted our Mr. Snort (the girls’ favorite nickname for Huckles due to his snorting snores) from our local humane society but we didn’t limit our search to their website. Apps such as AllPaws and LikeThat Pets are a godsend for helping to locate adoptable dogs in your area.

Once you’ve found the perfect available dog for your family, adapting a new pup to family routines can be challenging so it’s important to take look into training resources like the popular and free app P5 Dog Training from Purina before you bring your new dog home.

If you have to be apart from your new dog for work or travel, the free Whistle app can be reassuring. You can stay connected to your pet and know they are healthy wherever you -or they- may go. Whistle offers pet parents the best proactive loss prevention and wellness monitoring device-enabled app. Combining sleek and reliable devices with an easy to use mobile app, Whistle seamlessly relays essential information directly to your phone, whether you are with your pet or have to be apart.

One of the best surprises of adopting our shelter pup was all of the bonuses PetSmart offered us. In addition to their package for new furbaby parents, they also offer a rewards program called PetPerks to their customers. PetSmart sends PetPerks members special coupons and discounts via email. Which is another reason to love U.S. Celluar. 4G LTE speeds mean that you will have no problem accessing those coupons in your email right on your phone.

I hope these tips have helped you consider adopting a Huckleberry of your very own. You think you’re rescuing a shelter dog but I promise you that they bring the rewards to you!

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