A Rant About Summer & Some Cool Things Too

for years I suffered from SAD, except mine season was summer. i think it started the year I decided to spend the summer potty training the girls. Days of cleaning up puddles and looking at seafoam green tiles almost drove me off the deep end. This year I thought I was going make summer my bitch. How wrong I was.

You are Killing Me Summer

Calamity Jane is a summer school drop out. Desmonda Drama has turned into a whine monster. And I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to deal with the two of them.

Things that have annoyed me today.
A short list.
-The teachers at CJ’s adaptive art camp: this is a camp for special needs kids with only three campers. But they seem shocked anytime my kid gets upset and have had yet to tell me one nice thing about her. I get it ladies, she’s annoying. But throw me a bone here.
-Whining: Desmonda has bought a one way ticket on the whine train. And I am at a loss at how to make it stop. Especially when she Justice Stewart’s me with her logic. This morning’s conversation about the whine…
Me: Stop whining
Her: I am not whining. I know what whining is and this is not it.
Me: (frown)
-Un-understandable conversations with grad students: how do young people get to a grad level and not be able to hold a linear conversation? Both the girls are being tested at MU soon and today one of the testers called me to request information. At least I think. The poor girl probably cried when she got off the phone with me. But I was so freaking frustrated with her inability to tell me what she needed.
-McDonalds: I am working here this morning in case they need me at art camp and they are out of FRAKKING ICE TEA. I need some caffeine stat.

Whew, thanks for letting me get that out.
Here is something cool to look at as a reward.
And a giveaway to boot!

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  1. I love you. ((hugs))

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