A Northpole Breakfast

Its’ December first and I am sharing our “Welcome to the Christmas Season” breakfast in a compensated partnership with #CollectiveBias and Hallmark‘s #NorthpoleFun collection. The opinions are all my own though! Over the next twelve days, I will be sharing the traditions that make our Christmas special.

Northpole Breakfast

This breakfast is such a fun way to start the season. It’s the first school day after Thanksgiving and the first time we put our Christmas dishes on the table. This year it’s all about Santa and the Northpole (I am soaking up these last years of believing as long as possible!) Here is how it all came together…

After seeing all the fun goodies on the Walmart Northpole Fun display, I knew this year’s breakfast had to be snow and Santa themed!
The star of breakfast was the Northpole Communicator. The girls were over the moon to be talking to the Northpole. I tried to get some shots of them in action but they are just a blur, a very excited two person hopping blur. So here is the communicator in action…

I have a feeling that this will be our morning tradition up until Christmas. And a tradition for years to come since we can get a new communicator every year. It’s going to be so fun to hear who we get to talk to each morning. This morning we dialed into the reindeer barn and got to practice our reindeer sounds as well as say hello to one. Side note: I love the attention to details from Hallmark. The directions were in an envelope that said “for big people only!”

Another must have on my list, the Find Me Santa snowflake. As a family who is almost always traveling somewhere at Christmas, I love that this a small keepsake we can take with us anywhere. The girls loved pressing the button to see it light up and we’re looking forward to writing the girls’ name on it. And the magic snowballs will be going with us to Texas this Christmas. The girls have already asked me to get one for their cousin so the three of them can have a snowball fight even though we are almost certainly not to have a white Christmas in Dallas!

Hallmark Northpole Collection

The elves left a special gift to continue the fun: a rolling cooking cutter. Cooking with my girls is one of my favorite things and I really love the magic that Hallmark has brought into it with the elf cooking items. The bake like an elf set is so cute that I think we are going to have to get that as well.

If you’re looking to add a little magic to your holiday season be sure to check out the entire Hallmark Northpole line!


  1. The idea of having a Northpole breakfast to kick off the holiday season is such a cute one!! #client

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