A Monday Pick Me Up : Things I Like About Me


When my dear friend Ciao Mom emailed around asking people if they would like to be involved in a blog link about the things they like about themselves, I jumped on the chance. It’s not that I am an egoist, in fact like many women I am far from it. I tend to pick on myself a tad too much. Why didn’t I go to the gym? Why did I waste an hour on Twitter? Why am I so obssesed with blogging and social media and not just happy with being a mom?

I don’t know when this habit started but I do know it’s something I don’t want to pass onto my daughters. I do try to tell them all the positive things about themselves, but I also know that they learn from example. If I start being more positive about myself than I feel like I will project that attitude towards them. It’s for them, but also a gift to myself. Life is rosier with a positive attitude and it’s easier to have one when I feel good about myself.

So here are the things I like about me. I hope you will comment with your own things you like about you.  Or better yet, write your own post and link back to Ciao Mom’s and read some of the other amazing posts.

What I like about me… I like that I can be goofy and serious both. That though I am not always the best mom, I tell my girls that I love them everyday, multiple times a day. I like that I a loyal friend and try to make my friends’ lives happier with little surprises and words of support. I like that I always stand behind my husband on the big things.


I like the little dipper of freckles on my arm and the deep brown of my eyes. And though my stomach may have seen better days,  I like that my body was strong enough to carry twins all the way to 39 weeks. I like that I am still not afraid to wear what I like and I like my confidence that my quirky fashion choices look good.


I like the place i am in in life: a house I love, a career that I enjoy, and a family who feels like home.



  1. What a great list! I love that you said little dipper of freckles- lovely!

  2. Love this list! And especially, not always being the best mom, telling your kids you love them each day, and of course the being goofy and serious!

  3. What a great post!! I love that you’re reminding ME that I am able to love things about myself even if they’re not (or I’m not) perfect!! Some of the things that make us awesome and unique are our quirky habits and our abilities to strive to be genuine instead of striving to be a cookie-cutter fairy tale :). So excited to visit your blog!! I’m sure we’ll be good friends in no time!!

    • You are so sweet to comment in the midst of the uproar. I loved doing this link up. We all need a pick me up! See you in San Diego.

  4. I really like this idea. Far too often I find myself writing or tweeting complaints and I would love a reason to say nice things…and about myself even 🙂

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