31 Days of Travel

Did you ever read The Secret? Me, not so much. But the general sense that I get is that you create your own destiny by wanting something enough. Without getting too new agey, I do think there is something to putting your energy into the things you desire. And what I always want more of? Travel, travel, travel. So for the next thirty one days I will be writing about travel as part of the Write 31 Days challenge.

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Click through for a list of my posts and some pictures from my past travel…

The Badlands

1. Introduction
2. Why Travel?
3. Five Spooky Destinations for Haunted Travel
5. 24 Hours in Rapid City
6. The Joy of Day Trips

Kansas Windmill

21. 10 Insider Tips for the Beaches Turks and Caicos
22. Wordless Wednesday : The Beach at Beaches Turks and Caicos


  1. Hi Kate- Can’t wait to travel along with you for the next 31 days! So fun. Thanks for your comment

  2. Gorgeous photos. I love getting to peek at places I’ve never been.

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