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Cyber Monday Prep

(This post is in partnership with US Cellular) Since I was in Finland over Thanksgiving, I did not get to do any Black Friday shopping. So I am super geared up for tomorrow (and am in fact shopping the early deals on other tabs as I type.) And I am in luck because USA Today is predicting that Cyber Monday will outshine most of the offerings on Black Friday this year. But Cyber Monday isn't a holiday in my world so being prepared to shop on the go is a must. That's why I love my IPhone and the US Cellular network. No matter where I am, I get great service. So there's no letting those deals slip through my fingers while I wait for the overloaded network to load my page. Or even worse, a dead spot where I lose my entire basket! The number of online sites and web-only deals can be enticing, but can also overwhelm. Fortunately, the holiday shopping experience doesn’t have to be either stressful or overwhelming. I love using Slickdeals to find the best deals around. Millions of … [Read more...]