1O Things To Do With All That Candy

Ten Things To Do With Halloween Candy (Besides Eat It)

We usually only hit our street with our twins but we’re still left with a pile of candy that I don’t want them eating. And I definitely don’t want to eat it. Suffering from the same Halloween candy excess?

Here are ten ways to get rid of all that leftover Halloween candy.

1. Buy Outs: Lots of local dentists do candy buy outs where they pay for the pound for your candy. Perhaps your kids will be motivated by cash? Check to see if you have a local dentist participating here.

2. Save some for the Holidays: Are you a stocking household? You could go and buy Christmas themed candy or you could just snag a bag full now from the Halloween stash.

3. Donate candy to the troops so they can hand it out to kids while on duty. Operation Gratitude collects candy and sends it overseas.

4. Surprise your kids with candy pancakes this weekend. Or if you hate your kid’s teacher, do it tomorrow and send them off to school on a sugar high.

5. Turn that candy into educational fun with candy experiments.

6. If you don’t mind introducing another benevolent imaginary character into your house, tell your kids about The Switch Witch. This friendly witch switches your candy for toys.

7. One more Christmas idea, use the candy in your countdown calender. Here is a great tutorial.

8. If you’re cheap like me, snag the hard candy and save it for next Halloween. Most lollipops and novelty candy have a 2-5 year shelf date.

9. Take the chocolate and freeze it. They keep for several months in the freezer and are handy for those moments when you need a kid distraction (they take longer to eat frozen!)

10. Crafty type? Make a candy wreath for next Halloween. There are tons of tutorials on this if you Pinterest it but I say just grab a foam wreath, some Halloween ribbon, and superglue then go at it.


  1. This list is awesome, thanks for sharing your ideas. With three kids and my attempts at trying to eat healthy I’m dreading the piles of candy tomorrow.

  2. These are some really great projects! Thanks for sharing!

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