12 Days of Christmas Traditions

Family Holiday Traditions
This holiday season I wanted to share some of the traditions we have, especially since we are a non traditional Christmas family! These twelve traditions are ones we have developed as a couple and as a family. They help make the season more special and more meaningful for us. Most importantly, they bring us together as a family.

You can click through to see our list and I would love to hear what you consider to be a holiday tradition. After all, there is always room for a new tradition!

1. Northpole Breakfast
2. Countdown to Christmas
3. Christmas Decorations
4. Decorate the Tree Together
5. Christmas Cards
6. Giving Back
7. Take a tour of the lights
8. Frito Pie Festivus
9. Picking our Gifts
10. Remembering the Year
11. Going to see Santa
12. Baking Christmas Cookies

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