10 Ways to “Wake Up” Your Breakfast Routine

10 Ways To Wake Up Your Breakfast Routine
Thank you to Silk Fruit & Protein beverage for sponsoring my post on how to wake up your breakfast routine!

1. Have a backwards day and start off the day with dinner! Do leftovers or serve cold pizza from the night before.

2. Make a bunch of waffles and freeze them. Then you will have fresh waffles whenever your morning needs a pick up. Here is a Pinterest board full of recipes.

3. Set the table the night before so you insure sitting down to enjoy the meal instead of eating on the go.

4. Instead of your normal fare, give breakfast tacos a go. They will give your morning an extra boost, especially if you add in some spicy salsa. Here’s a pin that shows you how to.

5. Have an oatmeal bar where everyone gets to add in their own toppings. Be sure to add in a few fun but healthy items likes coconut chips.

6. Another fun way to give everyone a choice is to set up an omelet station. To speed preparation, chop up the ingredients the night before. Then all you have to do is crack your eggs and go!

7. Fun breakfasts on the go, try this spin on cakes in a jar: parfaits in a jar. Layer granola, frozen fruit, and vanilla yogurt in a mason jar. Seal and pop in the fridge. You’re ready to go in the morning!

8. On a weekend make your kids a “jungle breakfast.” Pack brown paper bags with your kiddos favorite breakfast treats along with a banana and then hang the bags from the trees.

9. Fill a squeeze bottle with pancake batter and spell out your family’s names in pancake form. No one will argue over whose chair is whose!

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