10 Ways to Organize With Cardboard Boxes

As an Extra Space ambassador I will be sharing ways to get some extra space in your life over the next few months. Hope you enjoy these sponsored posts!

Whew, this week it finally feels like Fall! It kind of rolled in last Thursday with a wisp of wind and a bit of a chill. But by the time we were opening the garage door Saturday morning, it was chilly enough for a mug of tea and a sweater. And many, many cups of tea were consumed as we started our shift into Fall mode.

Fall is seriously my favorite time of year to clean. Spring cleaning is always a chore to me, but I love freshening up the house for Fall! Especially since I got wise a couple of years ago and actually started organizing things. Funny how that helps. Once I discovered you can order boxes from storage places, a light bulb went off. You can even call up Extra Space and they will walk you through what you need to store and let you know exactly what you need. Plus they have specialized boxes for everything!

And in case you don’t use them all, here are some of the most clever ways to organize with cardboard boxes:

1. Cardboard Box Shelf
WeddingBee Boards Cardboard Shelf
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2. Sippy Cup Organizer
Sippy Cup Organizer
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3. Mod Podged Organization Boxes
Boxes for craft room 022
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4. Awesome (FREE) Labels for Your Boxes
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5. Cute Burlap Box “Baskets”
Cute Burlap Boxes
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6. Under the Sink Organizer
Awesome Upcycled cardboard box
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7. Chalk Painted Cardboard Boxes
Chalk Painted Cardboard Boxes
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8. Fabric Covered Cardboard Boxes to Hold Toys
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9. Storage Bins
Perfectly Polished DIY Storage Bins
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10. Genius Art Supply Organization
Pen organization


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