10 Trips to Take With Your Kids

There are some trips that are just made better by having kids along. As we discovered this past summer when we took the girls to Mount Rushmore and Rocky National Park. Seeing these sites through their eyes made us want to take as many trips as possible with them. So here’s a list of ten trips to take with kids.

10 trips to take with kids

1. The Grand Canyon: Would you live in Egypt and not take your kids to see the Pyramids? Go to Paris and not show them the Eiffel Tower? Then what’s stopping you from taking your kids to one of our country’s natural wonders. The best part is that there is almost no bad time to visit, each season has its own charms. Plus there are many, many choices for lodging.

2. Philadelphia, or any historical site: Sure you kids can read history but there is nothing like actually walking the streets where history happened. Up your game before your trip by having your kids read stories based on your intended location.

3. Out of the Country: I know, I know, traveling overseas or even to Mexico is expensive and kind of a hassle. But think of what you are exposing your child to. Everyone one needs to get out of their comfort zone and there’s no better way of doing that than being in a foreign country. Europe is still doable these days due to trains and family hostels but don’t discount off the beaten path places like Vietnam and South America. They are often cheaper to get to and

4. All 50 States: Want to give your kid bragging rights while building family bonds? Make a family pact to visit all fifty states. Research shows that a common goal unites families and it gives your kids an interesting fact to share for years. Plus road trip! I strongly feel every child needs to spend a lot of time

5. New York City: This is a city best seen through fresh eyes and is a hidden child paradise. I mean there’s a giant park in the middle! Go on a hunt for your kiddo’s ancestors at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, take them to the American Museum of Natural History which features some of the world’s best reconstructed dinosaur skeletons and the famous blue whale model suspended from the ceiling of its hall of marine life, and of course the iconic FAO Schwartz where their toys dreams are a reality.

6. An All Inclusive: Before we had kids, my husband and I were totally against the idea of an all inclusive. Now all we want to do is lay on the beach, have someone bring us a cocktail, and take a nap. An all inclusive lets all of that happen while someone else entertains your kid. Plus there could not be a less stressful vacation since everything is already paid for. Your kid wants ice cream, they get ice cream. Check out my review of Beaches for an idea of what you are in for.

7. Family Camp: Your kid may already attend camp without you but why should he/she have all the fun? Family camps offer ample opportunities for the whole family to bond free of the distractions of technology. The shared meals and bunks ensure that your kids will HAVE to spend time with you.

8. Washington D.C.: Not only is it one big civics lesson, it’s full of free things to do with your family. You could burn a whole week at the Smithsonian museums but don’t discount favorites like the White House. Before you go, have your child write your Representatives and Senators. They will often offer access to their offices or special tours.

9. An Amusement Park: There is a reason families flock to Disney… the rides, the shows, the magic. But don’t feel like you have to spend time with the mouse. Any amusement park offers you the chance to be a kid again, with your kid. Check out HolidayWorld if you are looking for a low key place to visit. We also love Schlitterbahn, especially the original in New Braunfels.

10. Your Opposite: Live at the beach? Head to the snow? Live in the wintery north, spend time in New Mexico. Live in the city? Saddle up in Wyoming.


  1. What, where are the other 9? Or should I just visit the Grand Canyon a few times and call it good 🙂

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