10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

In honor of the Toyota Prius C that is going to arrive in my driveway today, here is a list of ten things you didn’t know you could recycle!

  1. Dryer Lint: We collect ours and throw it straight into our compost pile. Don’t have a compost pile? Grab a plastic trash can, punch some holes in the bottom, and voila… compost bin! We don’t even use ours for anything fancy. We just throw it in our front beds. It’s mainly so we can recycle leaves, kitchen scraps, and of course lint!
  2. Eyeglasses: It’s tempting to throw those old frames in the trash when you upgrade, but resist the urge! Several groups recycle eyeglasses by distributing them to people in need. Ask your optomologist if she particpates in a program. If she doesn’t, here is a place where you can mail them in.
  3. Yoga mats: Don’t throw your mat in the trash once it is all asanaed out. Instead, send it to Recycle Your Mat. Here are 50 more ways to reuse it.
  4. Torn/Stained Clothing: I like to cut old tshirts up into cleaning rags, but I take everything else to Goodwill in a bag marked stained/torn. They bundle the scraps and sell them.
  5. Pizza Boxes: These usually get tossed because you can’t recycle cardboard that has oil stains. But more and more pizzerias are getting hip to this fact and using paper liners that absorb that nasty oil. Even if yours doesn’t, take a minute and cut around the oil stains.
  6. Tech Junk: Still have AOL cds knocking around the house? Relieve your guilt by sending them to Green Disk. It will cost you but won’t it be worth it to have old cords, hard drives, etc. out of your closets?
  7. Peanut Butter Jars: Guess what? Plastic and glass doesn’t have to be perfectly clean to be recycled. So give them a swish or two and throw them in the bin.
  8. Plastic Wrap: With kids, we are awash in plastic wrap. Because evidently a toy can’t leave the production factory without being shrink wrapped tight as a drum.
  9. Drink Packets: Your kids addicted to Capri Sun? Get them in the habit of recycling by finding the nearest TerraCycle collection bin. They take those old drink packets and make them into cool things.
  10. Hotel Keys: Who else is guilty of leaving the hotel with card keys? Send them off to EarthWorks (along with any old gift cards you have lying around and clear your conscience.

Disclosure: I am part of the Toyota Women Influence Network. I have not been compensated for this post. Opinions are my own.

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  1. I had no idea about composting dryer lint! And what is with all that shrink wrap?

  2. Dryer lint?! Get out! I would have never thought….

  3. Hi! I loved reading your tips! I did know a few of those, but yoga mats…? 🙂 I’m glad to know. Recycling isn’t very accessible in my neighborhood, any tips on making it easier with little to no space in an apartment and little access to a facility?
    http://www.handsandheartsmorethanfull.blogspot.com is my Blog, I’m trying to make it in the big bad non-eco-friendly world with three babies, would love to hear your thoughts!

  4. Thanks for this! Where does one recycle plastic wrap, please? Not sure where I’d put it.

    Will have to look for the Terra Cycle bins; my kids love the Tetra Paks of coconut water and we’re never quite sure what to do with the empties, but I’d bet it’s pretty much the same thing. 🙂

  5. The grease absorbing piece of “paper” in pizza boxes is toxic! It is best to ask to not have it under your pizza! http://www.details.com/health-fitness/exercise/201205/weight-gain-obesogens

    • I never knew that; thanks for sharing Brie. We actually don’t get takeout from anywhere besides our local place which doesn’t use a blotting sheet.

  6. My husband makes fire starters for campfires, barbque grill and the fireplace from lint, old wax or fresh parrafin, and the cardboard egg cartons. Just melt the wax in a clean, empty veggie can in a pan of hot water, place lint in the carton and pour wax over lint. Let cool and harden and Voila – fire starter!!

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