10 Insider Tips for Beaches Turks and Caicos

It’s my reentry day from the fabulous Beaches Moms conference and while I am still recovering from all the amazing ways they spoiled us, I HAD to share some insider tips ASAP in case you are planning a trip. And if you aren’t, why not?!

Tips for the Beaches Turks Caicos

1. Even if you are not getting a spa treatment, you can still use the sauna and plunge pools at the Red Lane spa. So spend a relaxing afternoon in a serene space while drinking cucumber water.

2. Soy won’t pack up sushi to go but if you are anticipating a late night sushi craving Bayside will pack their delicious freshly rolled rolls for you to eat on the beach or in your room at 3am.

3. Speaking of late night cravings, Crickteers with a British themed menu keeps their kitchen open until 10pm. And the fifties diner Bobby D’s (with on demand soft serve) is open until 6am. French fries at four am… why not?! For early morning flights, hit Cafe de Paris for a box of pastries and ham and cheese croissants. You will be happy you did since the airport restaurant is often closed.

4. And while we are on the beer tip, for some variety you can get Guinness and Bass at Cricketeers and Kirin at both Soy and Kimonos. Another pro tip concerning Soy and Kimonos, their signature cocktail is AMAZING. and while I would totally eat sushi every night, you might want to try some of the other amazing restaurants on site. But you can get the cocktail at Kimonos’ bar any time they are open.

5. If you absolutely must eat at Kimonos, head to the Culinary Concierge office in the Caribbean village lobby right when they open at 9am. They will fit you in right then if they can.

6. Those cabanas by the pools look lovely don’t they? A concierge gave us the tip that if the butler suites are not using them, you can request use of one. Unfortunately, they don’t come with a butler but who wants to miss swimming up to the bar anyway?

7. One of the biggest benefits of Beaches are the amazing (and FREE) water sports. To take advantage of them, do a little pre trip planning. Having your scuba certification and requested medical info in hand before you get there will mean you can scuba right away. Consider bringing your own snorkel and mask for the circle reef just past Treasure beach. You won’t have to worry about making it back during the two hour check out time. Want to sail? An instructor will go out with you and teach you the ropes so you can go out at leisure (as long as a boat is available!) Dying to ride the Aqua Trike? They can only be taken out on green flag days so if you see an opportunity, take it!

8. Hang 10! But if you want to surf, you need to hit the simulator in the morning. It’s only offered then. Get there at 9am ready to fill out paperwork for you and your kiddos. Paperwork covers boogie boarding too so you can surf all morning then hit the waves in the afternoon.

9. Love king crab legs? You can snag them at Schooners on the crab risotto (which is delicious) but if you want a whole plate, call ahead and you can eat a plate full the next night.

10. The biggest insider tip of all, don’t miss the Soon Come Back desks! They offer some of the best rates you can get on a Beaches vacation!


  1. *This* is a fabulous list of tips! I wish I had known all of these things before I went, especially the part about the french fries at 4am.

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