10 Dryer Sheet Hacks #FreeToBe #LifeHacks

It’s full on Spring weather here. And with it comes Spring smells and smears. Little kids can be filthy, filthy creatures. Though I try to do my part by keeping the house clean, I almost always end up falling behind. Way behind. Which I why I love these dryer sheets hacks.

We actually don’t use dryer sheets and I had ignored the #LifeHacks with them in the past because of our skin sensitivities. But now that all® free clear makes dryer sheets, I am all over them. The dryer sheets have the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance™ (products with the NEA Seal of Acceptance™ are those that avoid certain chemicals, dyes, perfumes and residues that are known to be unsuitable for use by persons with eczema or a sensitive skin condition.) We’re #FreeToBe dryer sheet hackers!

Now on to the hacks!

1. Car Air Freshners: This is something I have been wanting to try for years. You can replace chemical laden air freshners with an all® free clear dryer sheet. Tuck in above the vents in the car cabin, easy peasy.

2. Shoe Defunkifer: Simply tuck an all® free clear dryer sheet into the offending shoes (or tie around flips flops) overnight. The smell should be gone in the morning.

3. Pan Degreaser: again a trick I hadn’t used before because i was nervous about my hands breaking out… but it worked! And the all® free clear dryer sheet kept my hands reaction free. Simply put the dryer sheet in the pan, add warm water, and soak overnight. I was able to rinse and clean with ease. #love

4. Deodorant Stain Remover: I try to do the fold and flip (where you fold half the shirt up and flip it down once on. But let’s face it, I am usually getting dressed while doing something else. So when the streaks happen, I just grab a sheet and wipe it right off.

5. Soap Descummer: Dryer sheets work like a dream at scrubbing off soap scum (and hard water stains too!)

6. Laundry Room Savior: dryer sheets are fabulous at cleaning the inside of the washer and dryer, the lint trap, and top of the dryer (mine is always linty.)

7. Litter Box Destinker: Place a dryer sheet under the litter box to combat the smell.

8. Bug Repeller: Consider these another line in your natural big defense. Stuff a dryer sheet in your pocket; the bugs dislike the smell of the sheet.

9. Gym Bag Refresher: Bless my husband’s recycling heart, but his dedication to reusing gym clothes is not my fave. I stuff a few dryer sheets in his bag to keep it smelling fresh. And there’s no worries if they get mixed in with the wash.

10. Pet Hair Cleaner: If you can’t find your lint brush, a dryer sheet works in its place. I actually think they work even better on couches.


  1. Wow – you have so many great ideas here. I’m always thinking of new ways to use regular products but had never even considered additional uses for dryer sheets! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You’ve got some great ideas here. I’ve heard they’re wonderful for dusting but I haven’t tried it. I think the next time I dust the blinds I”ll use a dryer sheet.

  3. I have done some of these before, but I am definitely trying the one for the cat box. I have never thought of that one before. It is so simple.

  4. Dryer sheets are also great to put around a stored vehicle to keep the rodents away.

  5. We use them to put in the stroller, pockets etc when the mosquitoes are bad here which is most of the time! It works!

  6. Great hacks! I had no idea that All had free & clear dryer sheets. That’s good to know -my kiddos both suffer from eczema.

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