School’s Out for Summer Gift

With the amount of um, enthusiasm, the Terror Twins bring to the school day, I like to hand out gift cards to their teachers. But for extracurricular teachers as well as the staff that make our school special, I love to give a little something to let them know how much we appreciate everything they do!

These useful cups are perfect for the end of the year since they have everything a school employee needs to celebrate that first day of summer…. and the best part is how they come in at about $3 each.
Cheap Teacher Gift Idea
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10 Dryer Sheet Hacks #FreeToBe #LifeHacks

It’s full on Spring weather here. And with it comes Spring smells and smears. Little kids can be filthy, filthy creatures. Though I try to do my part by keeping the house clean, I almost always end up falling behind. Way behind. Which I why I love these dryer sheets hacks.

We actually don’t use dryer sheets and I had ignored the #LifeHacks with them in the past because of our skin sensitivities. But now that all® free clear makes dryer sheets, I am all over them. The dryer sheets have the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance™ (products with the NEA Seal of Acceptance™ are those that avoid certain chemicals, dyes, perfumes and residues that are known to be unsuitable for use by persons with eczema or a sensitive skin condition.) We’re #FreeToBe dryer sheet hackers!

Now on to the hacks!
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Fast Food Fridays : Italian Meatball Sliders

Italian Meatball Sliders

Even though I try to make most things from scratch at home, I do occasionally use convenience products to get dinner on the table faster. The key is using products that are as high quality as possible. One of my favorites is the Aidells line. Their high quality ingredients set them apart from other lines.

And they are freaking delicious.

Though their sausages are usually my go to, I also love their meatballs. We often use them as appetizers at parties and in the girls’ lunches. Another one of my favorite ones to use them is for a fun Friday night supper: meatball sliders!
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Spring Break is Over and I Am Sad

Hey yo, this post is part of my partnership with US Cellular. Thanks to them for letting me write about stuff on the internet and keeping my eight year old connected to YouTube.

Planning Summer Vacation

Sigh, I guess I have to accept that Spring Break is really over given that it is the Tuesday after. I miss vacation. It’s not that our trip to Texas was anything elaborate; it’s just good to get away. So I am already planning our summer vacation. With a little help from my smartphone. That way I can plan anytime I need an escape.
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Fast Food Fridays : Breakfasts on the Go

Breakfast on the Go
Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day; it’s the one meal my kids will actually eat. So I really try to stuff them with the most filling thing possible. I go with full meals most mornings… oatmeal with fruit, eggs with bacon, french toast. But sometimes the chaos means breakfast needs to be something quick. And something we can eat on the walk to school.

My go to items are egg in toast and PB&J toast but on a big days, we need more of a protein punch.

So on the mornings when I just can’t get er done, I depend on a few convenience items. One of those is El Monterey breakfast burritos. They are packed with protein and ready in under five minutes. Plus my San Antonio bred girls chow down on them. These girls were bred on rice and beans and they gobble down breakfast burritos like my college self gulped breakfast tacos.
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Spring Fashion : Natural Elements

Spring Fashion

It’s supposed to snow in Columbia tomorrow, but I am in sunny Texas where Spring has definitely sprung.
Even though I usually don’t follow any trends, the Spring weather does make me want to switch up my wardrobe into lighter, simpler, natural pieces. Which is right on trend this year!

Sure you’ve got pop art and black mesh, but overall the trends are about solid colors and natural fabrics. Which makes for wearable outfits for real people like you and me.

Some of the pieces I am incorporating into my Spring wardrobe…
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Let Tinderize Parenting

This peek into the tech dating culture is sponsored by US Cellular.

Being in Texas for Spring Break has allowed me to see how the other half live… the young, single half. I spent last night hanging out at a hot bar scene. And after I got over ordering $15 (FIFTEEN DOLLAR) cocktails on an iPad Air (a little pretentious no?), I then was free to be outraged over how out of touch I am.
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Ultimate Easter Egg Dye Guide

Easter Egg Dye

The best tradition of Easter? Dying eggs of course! Sure you could spend an afternoon with some hard boiled ones and a grocery store bought kit but why stop there? Follow my directions for eggs you can keep for years! I still have some of the eggs I dyed as a child and my girls love going through theirs every spring. With a few simple steps, you can have decorations galore, all from the simple, incredible egg. Well the shell at least…
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Promoting Your Online Work Offline

You may have noticed that my blogging has been light lately. Real life has been keeping me away from the computer. But that’s not always a bad thing. I am glue to my laptop all day every day most days. Looking something like this….
taking blog offline

But over the past five years of blogging, I have found that my biggest success has come from connections I have made IRL. Stepping out from in front of the screen can be scary, after all the internet just keeps going. So here are some ideas to get you started.
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March Colds Before April Showers

This is a sponsored post for DripDrop through SheSpeaks.

Today was one of those glorious days that makes you feel like Spring has decided to sleep in this year and Summer is coming first instead. The high was eighty and the girls and I were walking barefoot in the grass. Alas, tomorrow the high is 55 and we will be shivering in the rain on our walk home from school.

It’s the perfect brew for our own Ides of March… the common cold which invariably brings the household down.

Which is why I was thrilled to be offered the chance to test out a new hydration product. My tiny girls get dehydrated fast when they get sick. But the sports drinks and kids hydration products on the market are the last thing I want to give them. They don’t often have sugary drinks and almost never have anything with food coloring. So the products with them were a shock to their system.

Enter DripDrop…
DripDrop Hydration Powder
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